Evaluations: Maroon and Gold Camp

Arizona State had its first of two individual camps it will hold this summer today inside the Dickey Dome. It lasted about three hours, with a handful of high end 2016 and 2017 prospects participating. Here's a look at some of the recruits and how they performed and project.

Jordan Robinson -- Former local HS player who went to UC Davis as a member of the 2014 class, redshirted and dropped down to Mesa Community College and will have 4 years to play 3 after this season. This is a player we've watched a lot in the last three years. He's gotten faster and his body has developed. He's two-tenths of a second faster than he was at the same ASU camp several years ago and yet weighs more. He told us he's now 202 pounds and I thought he looked even bigger than that, densely muscular for a safety, probably 6-foot-1 or close to it. If anyone in 2016 gets closer to an ASU offer from this camp, it's probably Robinson. He's a boundary safety (Bandit) or perhaps Spur candidate. In position work he did a very nice job of getting his hips around and getting out and running from a backpedal to transition for his size, I thought he changed directions pretty well, could tell he's absorbed coaching at the college level and is more precise with his footwork and body movements. I timed him in 4.51 seconds in the 40, others had him lower I believe. Linear speed isn't a limiting issue as far as an ASU scholarship offer. But the Sun Devils only probably need one additional 2016 commitment here so it can be picky.

Tristan Gebbia (2017) -- Calabasas quarterback is one of the best in the West among rising high school juniors. He's already been offered a scholarship by ASU (a few weeks ago) and Alabama, among others. I would say this is the best overall prospect I saw on the day. He's pretty similar to local 2017 quarterback Ryan Kelley, just maybe a bit shorter/smaller-framed and maybe a small notch down on his arm. But Gebbia has plenty of arm and was extremely accurate and smart with decisions throughout the session. This is a four-star type talent in 2017. I spoke with Gebbia over the phone later today and he talked about this being his second visit to ASU and what he likes about the program.

Jaren Hall -- Quarterback from Utah committed to BYU in the 2016 class, but is planning to go on an LDS Mission out of high school, so essentially he will be re-classifying to 2018. Hall told me he was offered by Utah and then BYU and subsequently committed early, October of last year. Height is a bit of a question mark, as Hall is just 6-foot-0, but he's quite mobile, 4.6 40-yard dash, has some good zip on the ball, just really impressive. I felt like from this setting he looked like a Pac-12 quarterback. This is the type of guy ASU could try to stay involved with and then maybe move on later considering he's a 2018 prospect, essentially, if it decides it wants to do so after getting more of a feel on its situation at the position through the fall/winter months.

Ivan Jones -- Mesa Community College safety whom we've also watched participate a number of times in the past including at ASU. He camped at ASU as a quarterback at Chavez several years ago but we said at the time he wasn't going to be a quarterback at the next level and should have been working with the safeties. Well today he was with the safeties and had a really good showing, especially in the individual position work, pedal, re-direct, reading coaching cues, etc. He was solid in the 1-on-1 and 7-on segments, but not as dynamic athletically as I thought he might be after watching position work. Definitely a D1 prospect, not a Pac-12 guy I don't think.

D.J. Olmstead -- Interesting safety at Scottsdale Community College. I was very intrigued by him and immediately watched his film upon returning home. He reminded me of Jordan Simone some in terms of disposition and movement, perhaps even a little faster/rangier on the back end. I liked his play anticipation at safety. He's a guy I am going to pay close attention to, might be getting way under-recruited. He's only 5-foot-11 and 190 pounds and is a white kid, which though perhaps isn't a politically correct thing to so, does hurt running backs and defensive backs to some degree with some evaluators.

Some other 2016s who are good players but may not wind up at ASU's level

Braxton Gunther -- Undersized but instinctive Utah 2016 safety who was extremely coachable and hard working. I'm guessing he has a good Mountain West career if he stays healthy.

Tyson Maeva -- Two-down MIKE or maybe a SAM backer, not sure he has the range to play in the Pac-12. Moderate athlete, kind of a box linebacker you'll see as an inside backer in the Mountain West.

Cooper Smith -- Tall Utah safety/linebacker prospect. He has a nice frame for 6-foot-3 and 195 but is early in his physical development, especially in his lower half. I think he's going to grow into an outside linebacker or hybrid type guy and play a level or two below the Pac-12, but a D1 guy.

Some others, mostly younger players we'll keep watching:

Keyshawn Johnson Jr. (elite 2017 WR at Calabasas with Gebbia didn't work out due to a muscle strain)

Brian Hightower -- 2018 wide receiver who has reported an ASU offer, also at Calabasas. Big kid, 6-foot-3, 180-something pounds probably. Looks like he's going to get quite a bit bigger, maybe even become a 3-back type down the line. In skill development work he was very high-hipped and lacked flexibility, lower body strength. So that translated to a lack of an ability to re-direct as a route runner. Hightower has pretty good speed for his size and can get out and run vertically and make plays on the ball down the field nicely for a young receiver. He's got potential to play at a high level but will need a lot of work to get there, primarily cone skill development with a focus on sinking his hip weight so he can start to learn how to transition routes.

Damien Maxwell -- Chandler 2018 running back, looks like he will be one of the better younger guys in the state at the position.

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