Player capsule: Evan Goodman

Limited in the spring due to a hamstring strain, talented but untested Evan Goodman is going to try to lock down a starting left tackle spot in preseason camp for Arizona State. Here's a closer look at him as a prospect.

Player Capsule: Evan Goodman

Position: Offensive Tackle

Eligibility: Junior

Height: 6-foot-4

Weight: 305 pounds

2014 season quick review: Goodman has played quite sparingly to this point in his college career through three years. Last year's starting tackles, Jamil Douglas and Tyler Sulka, were able to stay on the field and that's kept Goodman from being able to get many reps.

Offensive line coach Chris Thomsen: "Well the way he bends and his movements and the fluidity by which he moves and his feet turn over (is impressive). Like Jamil as a tackle his kick slide was long and it kind of had to unfold and those quicker rushes will get to that, they'll be on you. Well Evan's feet are real smooth and efficient, he's got some movements that only God will give you. You can't teach that, you can't coach that, you can't buy that, and I think he's a little bit like Sulka was, it's that same stage, you gotta grow up. Because when I got here Sulka was, I was not pleased with him at first and Evan's on the same track he's just gotta grow up. That's typical for lineman, they're the last ones to develop." analysis: Perhaps due to a lack of experience and some lingering immaturity, Goodman hasn't shown a sense of urgency with his preparation habits -- at least in an outwardly visible way. That may also be in part attributable to the knowledge he wouldn't be starting ahead of Jamil Douglas. But it has perhaps served to slow his developmental progress to some degree, because athletically Goodman is about as good a prospect as any ASU offensive player on the roster.

At 6-foot-4, Goodman is lanky, with a shorter torso and long limbs and a wide frame that allows him to carry weight well. Even at 315 pounds he looks well constructed. In pass protection he's very smooth and yet able to get depth quickly and efficiently in his kick step. He also has very good balance and doesn't tend to play outside of his frame much or struggle to handle speed rushers when he's more exposed to a variety of attacks.

As a run blocker Goodman uses his impressive flexibility very well, and as a tackle who isn't especially tall, already has more natural leverage. He has some pop behind his pads as a down blocker because of how he's able to access his base strength, and when he's fully engaged can get his feet orientated in great position to be be technically quite proficient.

Projected depth chart status: Entering spring ball it looked like a prime opportunity for Goodman to show his worthiness as the successor to Douglas at left tackle. His own coach is on record saying Goodman is more athletically gifted. But it's still a matter of demonstrating reliability and not just flashing potential. A hamstring injury severely limited Goodman in spring ball and redshirt freshman Sam Jones used the opportunity to indicate he's not just a pretty good player for his age and lack of experience, but pretty good, period. That's only going to make it harder for Goodman to secure the left tackle spot in August, but his talent is such that he is more than capable.

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