Player capsule: Gary Chambers

A regular starter in ASU's three wide receiver formation groups, Chambers had 10 catches for 204 yards and two touchdowns last season, including some indelible big play moments.

Player Capsule: Gary Chambers

Position: Wide Receiver

Eligibility: Senior

Height: 6-foot-4

Weight: 211 pounds

2014 season quick review: A regular starter in ASU's three wide receiver formation groups, Chambers had 10 catches for 204 yards and two touchdowns last season. The most indelible moments of Chambers' 2014 are the game winning touchdown catch to beat Washington on the road and two difficult grabs against USC that helped set up the so-called Jael Mary.

Wide Receivers Coach Del Alexander: "Gary's a perfect example of a guy who comes in and develops into what could be a really good player for our team. Where he was when he first got here as a freshman or redshirt freshman to where he is now has to do with his strength and conditioning training, his mental development in the classroom and our meeting room and his mental maturity. I think what you see is that entire process take place and now he's making plays, now you see where he can be a full time player and contributor and a person who can win games for us.

"Initially he's the 5 (slot receiver), he has the ability to move in the off-season based on his comfort level in the different positions. Right now he's got a position where he doesn't need to fight anybody off. Then you kind of experiment and mix and match with some of the other guys and that includes Gary." analysis: A local product who prepped at Ironwood High School in Glendale, Chambers appeared likely to be the heir apparent to Gerell Robinson at the high volume target Y-receiver position under the previous ASU staff before the transition to the Todd Graham era. Since the change over, Chambers has worked at the 5-receiver position which lines up in the same place, but is less targeted in this offensive scheme.

Chambers has steadily improved through his ASU career and embraced the process of development in all facets. He's always wearing a broad smile and putting in the work and is a consummate teammate, selfless and positive no matter the situation. He's probably a little better athlete than given credit for, including by us, especially from a speed standpoint. But Chambers has really good foot dexterity for a bigger receiver-- among the best on the team in cone drills -- and gets off the ground impressively, which gives him an ability to make a lot of plays on the football that aren't as on target.

One of ASU's best blocking wide receivers, an important and somewhat thankless job, Chambers is a good fit inside at that 5-receiver position because it is frequently used to make a lot of key blocks both inside the box and on the perimeter. He'd probably prefer to play the boundary-side position because it's ASU's flagship receiver and the player who is typically most targeted, and Chambers is at least a solid option in the role. But there's a big drop off from Chambers to anyone else at the 5-spot and that's where he'll likely stay as a result.

Projected depth chart status: At a minimum Chambers is going to start and get the bulk of the reps at the 5-receiver position and be an important full service cog from a blocking and possession receiver standpoint, which is the way ASU tends to use the position. The change to Mike Bercovici at quarterback might open up more of the playbook and allow for more rhythm pro-style throws on the hash and over the middle-third that Chambers could take advantage of. If needed, Chambers can be at least a serviceable option on the boundary side position, but if he plays there it likely means others haven't risen to the occasion.

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