Bubak ASU commitment Q&A

One-time Nebraska pledge Jared Bubak has visited Arizona State twice already this year and is planning a return trip for an official visit, which he'll take as a Sun Devil commit after making the call to coaches at the school Monday.

Lincoln (Nebraska) Christian High School tight end Jared Bubak became Arizona State's ninth currently committed prospect in the 2016 class Monday. The 6-foot-4, 240 pound former Nebraska commit spoke with SunDevilSource.com about the reason he decided he wanted to be a Sun Devil and how firm his pledge is.

SunDevilSource:This process has been unfolding for quite some time but you were keeping things pretty close to the vest. What led to your decision to make this commitment to ASU today?

Jared Bubak: "I visited Arizona State earlier on this year, it was cold in Nebraska and nice in Arizona in February and I just loved it there. I just love the coaches, love the atmosphere, really just love the brotherhood. Then I went back like a month later and got to watch them practice and I loved that. It really reaffirmed I wanted to be there."

SunDevilSource: You committed to your home state school Nebraska pretty early on (September) and then re-opened your recruitment last month. What was this whole process like for you?

Bubak: "It was really hard This was about five months [in the making]. Ever since I visited (ASU) in February the first time I've been thinking about it and talking with my family about it and this is what we came down to. It was definitely a tough decision. That's why we took so long to discuss it as a family and think about it a lot. So, very tough, but with how the future looks right now I'm just very excited about the opportunity."

SunDevilSource: From a football standpoint, what was it that you liked about ASU enough to make this decision?

Bubak: "Honestly, the offense. I think (offensive coordinator) coach (Mike) Norvell has a great thing going on there. I really like the quarterbacks they have now. (Freshman) Brady White is an amazing guy, I got to meet him on one of my visits and I was very excited about their players."

SunDevilSource: What about your relationship with the coaches, tight ends coach Chip Long, Norvell, Todd Graham. What is that like?

Bubak: "The coaches were definitely one of the main reasons I wanted to go there. I knew right away on my first visit there that I connected with coach Norvell, coach Long and coach Graham very well. They were definitely the biggest part of the reason I wanted to go there for sure. I think I fit in really well there [culture-wise] and the coaches are the main reason for that. They always were very consistent with the things they said and answered any question I had and I just saw myself playing for them."

SunDevilSource: They use a lot of two and three tight end formations, have the 3-back and in-line players. What have they said about what they think your role will be like?

Bubak: "They want me in the 3-back position (ASU's move h-back and flex player). That's great fit for me."

SunDevilSource: Anything else really standout beyond the football coaches and offense?

Bubak: "The campus is beautiful. I was blown away with it. I also got a chance to see the new stadium plans and new facility plans and that was just awesome. It all just blew me away."

SunDevilSource: Is this a firm commitment or are you planning to take official visits to other school?

Bubak: "Oh no, definitely final. Definitely final."

SunDevilSource: Do you already have an ASU official visit set?

Bubak: "No, but I'm thinking about the UofA (Arizona) game, experiencing that would be awesome."

SunDevilSource: How are you feeling right now and what did ASU's coaches have to say to you?

Bubak: "I'm just so fired up right now and really excited for the future. Coach Graham was fired up, he was really excited. They just can't wait for me to be part of the football program."

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