Tuesday two minute drill: ASU defensive front

Arizona State coaches have been playing musical chairs with their defensive personnel up front in order to find the right combination of players and get the best 11 on the field together. It's proving to be a difficult task

Arizona State coaches continue to tinker in order to try to identify the best combination of players to start on its defensive front.

A plethora of options have been explored at the Devil backer position -- by our count, no fewer than 11 players in total -- and ASU is looking at both 4-3 and 3-4 alignments as it tries to identify the most capable overall lineup.

Some of what ASU will do with its personnel will be determined by who the opponent is. In Tuesday's session, ASU looked at a lineup that moved senior Demetrius Cherry inside and freshman Joseph Wicker -- ideally suited to be a 3-technique tackle -- to the 5-technique field end spot for the first time.

This look would allow Wicker, Cherry, sophomore Tiger (3-technique tackle) Tashon Smallwood, senior linebacker Antonio Longino and sophomore linebacker D.J. Calhoun to all play on the field together. It would provide ASU with one of its best pass rush lineups while also having one of its most stout lineman -- Cherry -- at the nose position.

SunDevilSource publisher talks about the Tuesday session, which ASU coach Todd Graham called the best since he took the job, and highlights the defensive line musical chairs.

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