Sun Devils courting Haitian pass rusher

Arizona State has stepped up its courtship of a junior college defensive end who has been playing football just three years and originally hails from Haiti.

When he started playing high school football Florida, Dougladson Subtyl had no idea what he was doing.

A native of Haiti, Subtyl was brought to the United State early in his adolescence along with his two sisters by their father.

Subtyl played soccer, but his cousin and a friend chided him by saying tough guys play football, so he decided to give it a try as a high school junior.

"At first I wasn't good," Subtyl said. "I learned how to play football from (the video game) Madden 2005. I learned about the positions and then went on YouTube and learned more about the positions from there.

"I loved it. The first time I got hit, I was like, 'oh man.' So I went harder."

Nobody is going to challenge Subtyl's masculinity now. The 6-foot-4, 255 pound defensive end had nine sacks and 54 tackles as freshman at Victor Valley Junior College in Victorville, California, last season.

It was just his third year playing organized football.

"I started playing running back and fullback in high school," Subtyl said. "Then I got too big and they put me at strong safety when I was 205 (pounds). Then I went to linebacker and then I went to d-end. Now I'm 250-something (pounds)."

After high school, Subtyl was going to enroll in the Army, but coaches from Victor Valley called and offered a scholarship so he decided to make the cross-country move.

Subtyl's glad he did. He's now getting recruited at a high level and won't have to pay for the rest of his undergraduate education.

"I got some offers," Subtyl said. "I got Arizona State, Washington, Washington State, Louisville, Kansas and Kansas State. Baylor was talking to me yesterday. I also have talked to one of the LSU coaches."

The Sun Devils have made a quick impression after offering a scholarship earlier this month.

"They're like No. 1 right now," Subtyl said. "I like the way they treat me, how the coaches are, everything. I just like the way they talk to me, I like the position, the way they want me to play. I was talking to their coach for a long time, like an hour (recently.)"

Subtyl said he's spoken with ASU coaches quite a bit of late. They've explained to him how successful they've been with converting junior college players to the NFL in recent years at the school, and how the attack styled defense would be well suited to him as a Devil backer/defensive end.

"I like that they want me to sack the quarterback," Subtyl said. "I can do that all day."

A strong and physical pass rusher, Subtyl said he's benched 375 pounds and squatted roughly 500. He also claims to have run a 4.5 second 40-yard dash when he weighed in the 230-pound range.

"I'm getting better," he said. "It's getting easier every day I play. I think I was blessed with speed but I'm trying to get more physical, stronger, more technique. That's the main thing, I just need more technique.

"I should be able to graduate either this year in December or in May. I just need one math (class) and two English and a few more units. I'm trying to take more classes this year."

Subtyl is planning to take two or three official visits and then make a commitment in October or November. He'd rather not have it drag out to the end of the year.

"I just want to go somewhere I can call home for two years and get a great education and ball out," Subtyl said. "Football will be the easiest part. I want to make sure everything is right with my classes and education."

"Right now I'm working for my mom, to get her here because she's in Haiti right now still."

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