Graham: 'Heck yeah I think we're ready.'

Todd Graham put his Arizona State team through a mock game situation Saturday at Sun Devil Stadium exactly one week ahead of the team's opener in Houston against Texas A&M.

Saturday morning at Sun Devil Stadium, Arizona State finally held its first dress rehearsal of the 2015 season after a lengthy preseason camp has led it to the eve of game week.

The focus of the day was to try to re-create how the Sun Devils will manage everything lead up and after kickoff when they travel to Houston for their opening game against Texas A&M at NRG Stadium in exactly one week.

"Going out there, simulating pregame, simulating what we're going to do on game day," ASU coach Todd Graham said. "I thought we got a lot of good work. It was very quick. Obviously we were only out there about an hour or so. That was our (traditional) Friday practice.

"We're right where we need to be. It's impossible to show them what the crowd noise is going to be like. Obviously I'm very familiar with what type of atmosphere we're going into. It's why we took the game. It's going to be one of the loudest places we've ever played. It's going to be a big time atmosphere, which is what we hopefully get a lot of opportunities playing in."

Graham said he had his support staff crank up the crowd noise to try to simulate -- as best as possible -- what figures to be a hostile environment ASU will be walking into. It's something he thinks they'll be ready for this time around, but admitted you never totally know until you do, citing an experience against Oregon several years ago.

"There's a reason they call it the 12th man," Graham said of the Aggies notoriously challenging crowd. "They've got one of the best home atmospheres. Even though we're playing at a so-called neutral site, I would imagine their alumni base there will be a major crowd for them. Today was about preparing for that.

"I think our team is the most advanced we've had when it comes to leadership and true action leadership. Heck yeah, I think we're ready."

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