Bercovici talks about Utah in weekly press conference

Arizona State quarterback Mike Bercovici spoke with reporters at his weekly press conference Monday at the school

Fresh off Arizona State's second straight win in the Pac-12 and with a huge task looming at Utah this Saturday, senior quarterback Mike Bercovici said the Sun Devils are still primarily focused on themselves. 

"It seems that to this point the championship is on the line every single week, none more than this as we're going up against probably the best opponent we've played all season," Bercovici said. "We're excited about our match up. We feel this is going to be a week that defines us as a program and as a Brotherhood. The mission is simple, to come out of that game in Salt Lake (City) with our fifth win.

"Utah is a very opportunistic football team. They've done a great job thus far. They play with energy and they play with passion and that's something we've got to match and surpass. The reality is we've got to focus on ourselves, do what we need to do. It starts with tomorrow at practice. It's going to be 7 in the morning, what are our eyes going to look like? How are we going to take the bubble? What kind of motivation are you going to have? Are you going to be self-motivated or are you going to wait for someone else to motivate you? I don't think you have to worry about that this week. From an offensive perspective we'll take care of business and it starts by winning the turnover ratio."

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