Matt Haryasz Likes His ASU Visit

He's one of the most sought after big men in the west coast this year. The high school senior from Page, AZ has narrowed down his choices between the Sun Devils and Stanford whom he will visit next week. Read what he has to say about his visit to Tempe.

Academics, family, and playing time. Those seem to be the three factors that will decide where this 6'10" center will play. Wherever it will be, it's virtually guaranteed to be a Pac-10 school.

Matt Haryasz: "Coaches and players have been great. Everybody has been real nice here, and have really welcomed me. There's a lot of good players and athletes here on the team. ASU and Stanford are really the two schools I'm looking at, and the only two I have official visits to. Things may happen in the future. Academics does play a big part. Sooner or later Basketball will be over, and you want a good education to fall back on. I need to get stronger and in better shape. I really haven't played since July in Las Vegas, and when you play at a high level such as this (scrimmaging with ASU players)it's hard to pick yourself up right away. I work very hard on the floor. Playing time is a big factor too. I feel very comfortable with the coaches, and they are very honest guys.Playing time is something that I have to earn, and I know I have to work hard on getting it. I'm having a lot of fun on my visit now, and after my Stanford visit I'll sit down with my parents and decide between these two. It's been real fun so far, and I'm looking forward to the Barbeque at coach Evans' house tonight. It's been fun."

We talked to Matt's parents Chet and Sandy, and what they thought about the ASU trip and the determining factors in Matt's decision.

Chet Haryasz: "The visit is going very good. The ASU coaches have been perfect hosts, and everything is going really well. It's been great." On the academics factor he said:"It will be a factor, but the academic representatives from ASU did a great job talking about the academic situation here, and how ASU helps its student athletes. It was a great visit with her." Matt has a lot of family in Phoenix, and that aspect won't be lost in the Matt's decision: "Family may play a factor, but I don't know how much. It really comes down to where Matt feels the most comfortable at. We need to see how Matt feels after his visit to Stanford, but so far the guys and coaches and players here have been terrific."

Sandy Haryasz added: "Ultimately, Matt's decision will come down to academics and athletics, and where that combination works best for him."

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