Doug Subtyl evaluation; ASU Devil backer roster analysis

What is Arizona State getting in four-star Devil backer Doug Subtyl, a player who is leading all of Southern California junior colleges with 13.5 sacks in just six games this season? Here's our analysis.

Devil Backer

Ideal scholarship roster number: 3-4

Potential returning number: 4 (Ismael Murphy-RichardsonBo WallaceAlani LatuChans Cox

Likely returning number: 3 (at least one of Latu/Cox likely moves to end) 

2016 Commitments: 1

Remaining ideal number: 0/1

Remaining top targets: Koron CrumpLevi OnwuzurikeIsaac GarciaDerriyon Shaw

The Skinny: With the commitment of Dougladson Subtyl, Arizona State is not only adding a four-star junior college prospect at a key defensive position that also figures to be an area of need once senior Antonio Longino has moved on following this season, but also a player who may very well be its best overall prospect in the 2016 class to this point. 

In our opinion, he is. 

A Haitian native who arrived in the country as a teenager, Subtyl is an unmitigated freak of an athletic specimen. He has an extremely rare marriage of limberness, power and explosiveness, a lethal blend of traits often found in top NFL outside linebackers of a similar size. He wears No. 90, the same number as NFL all-pro Jason Pierre-Paul, who has earned the nickname the Haitian Sensation, and there are some parallels with how the two played the game at a similar stage. 

Start with Subtyl's set up out of a 3-point stance. Even though coaches will likely make some slight adjustments to his feet at the FCS level to enhance balance and foundational strength, he has the classic sprinter's coil that the most explosive pass rushers tend to possess, a sign of his flexibility. 

There's also a lot of violence with how Subtyl finishes plays for his size. He converts quickness to power and has innate physical movement skills that allow him to not only access the target zone but maximize such opportunities in the offensive backfield. A lot of players tend to be able to get in the general area of where they want to be around the quarterback or running back, but not have the combination of strength and flexibility to finish those plays. 

The way in which Subtyl is able to move and orientate his body when attacking is atypical and provides an understanding of how he's able to finish so effectively. Most players -- even good players -- are quite a bit tighter and more predictable in terms of their biomechanics. Subtyl is extremely fluid and loose for how explosive he is, and maintains this at different attack levels and leverages. 

What really allows Subtyl to maximize all of these attributes is his football-specific skill set and feel for how to unbalance and defeat pass protectors in space. Subtyl has great timing and uses a full array of moves to accomplish this. His has an inside swim and can really attack the inside shoulder of an offensive tackle from either a 2-point or 3-point stance, and also can rip through and sustain his approach angle working either way on the tackle. He uses a club and rip or bar and rip maneuver and does so in a way that angles his chest substantially relative to the rest of the body to keep pass protectors from being able to strike or secure him. 

One of the most impressive things about Subtyl is how physically composed he is -- controlled, frenetic aggression like this is hard to achieve without a loss of efficiency and precision -- and how well timed his movements are given his relative explosiveness. He does a lot of nimble things to free himself that don't even require a lot of brute strength, and does this even when at full throttle. 

Quickness is what sets all of this in motion. Subtyl has tremendous burst off the snap getting upfield and it presents an enormous challenge for pass sets. What Subtyl isn't really able to do just yet, and will come in time, is physically run defenders over or back into the quarterback through straight mid-line bull rush attacks.  This is going to change in time though because while he's listed by his Victor Valley Junior College at 250 pounds, Subtyle is currently closer to 230 pounds on his 6-foot-3 frame. But he has a 34 inch arm length, which is long for his height, and a thicker body type that will carry a lot of muscle density for how much dexterity he possesses. Subtyl won't have any trouble carrying 250-plus pounds in college and likely play 260-plus at the NFL level. 

Subtyl is easily one of the best pure pass rushers we've seen among ASU targets in this class, and quite possibly the best overall. He's also perhaps the most productive, which is the result of how effectively he's already able to use his athleticism despite only playing football for the last three-plus years. 

Through just six games this season at Victor Valley Junior College, Subtyl is leading all of Southern California with 13.5 sacks and second with 16.5 tackles or loss among his 35 overall tackles. He also has three forced fumbles and four pass breakups. Nobody is a more disruptive force among pass rushers in the state's junior college ranks. 

Looking at Subtyl's overall capability more broadly, he has great short-space acceleration and runs exceptionally well for his size. His backside pursuit of the ball carrier down the line is borderline elite and he'll make a lot of plays from behind, and do after after forcing quarterback handoffs on read options. Subtyl also is easily able to drop into zone coverages to the flat and even in deeper zones and should be able to cover tight end releases and wheel routes frm backs into the boundary in man coverage. He's really the total package and projects as an outside linebacker with NFL Draft potential.  

Though the Devil backer position is extremely important in ASU's scheme, there hasn't been an elite pass rusher in the role playing on base downs in the last two seasons following the departure of Carl Bradford. Redshirt freshman Ismael Murphy-Richardson is developing into a player who may be able to fill that role, and true freshman Bo Wallace looks to be ideally suited to play the Devil position. Between those two players and Subtyl, ASU appears to be in very good shape for the future at the key defensive spot. 

The Sun Devils were planning on moving sophomore A.J. Latu to end before the arrest and subsequent departure of highly touted 2015 signee Davon Durant before he'd even played a game for ASU, and Latu's move to end now appears to make a lot of sense. Sophomore Chans Cox is another candidate to move to end, something that was previously in the works. 

With Subtyl, Murphy-Richardson and Wallace, ASU probably doesn't need another Devil backer in the class, especially because others can fill the role in sub-packages. But the Sun Devils probably will still take another if they can get one they really like, especially because these players can build up and be moved to end and/or the 3-technique Tiger position. Devils and Ends are feeder positions for interior defensive line spots and are also unlikely to turn down explosive jumbo athletes given their overall versatility.

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