Devil's Advocate Column

After each ASU game, our brutally honest columnist with a "non-homer" perspective will offer some his views for areas for improvement on our Football team.

By solely looking at the 38-7 score of Saturday night's game, one can infer that ASU's football team played exceptionally well. However, in reality this is not the case. By looking solely at the stats, one could easily be persuaded to believe that our team played much better than they really did.

Let us look first at QB Jeff Krohn. Krohn passed for 271 yards and 4 touchdowns. Nice stats for the former walk-on, right? He threw behind the receiver on the majority of his 27 completions. The WR's repeatedly bailed out Krohn. The remaining eight of his passes were nowhere near his intended receivers. There was not one dropped pass by any of the wide-outs. Krohn owes all his "success" in this game to his receiving core.

On paper, the defense looks better than that of Oklahoma's. The Devils allowed a stunning low 188 total yards and only 86 rushing. Now, is this due to our D's performance or the horrendous offense of the Aztecs? I'd say the later. Sure, Franklin's 100-yard interception return was phenomenal, but that was on the only true good defensive play. SDSU's O-line and QB's are just pathetic. Suggs once again did put up beautiful numbers (2 sacks and a forced fumble). Our Secondary is clearly the worst in the pac-10. Each and every time the Aztecs went long our corners were burned. How the hec will our 5'8 slow corners supposed to stop UCLA's two tall receivers (Poly Dixon 6'5, and Perry 6'3)?

Koetter clearly needs to do something, or else it will look like a Suprrier-like romp this Saturday. Lets hope the coaches can solve the secondary problems or else it will be an extremely long season. This won't be like the 97 Rose Bowl year where it took the last game for our opponents to realize we have no corners - SDSU clearly exposed us to the nation.

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