Players Post-Game Quotes

Here's what the stars of the ASU win had to say about the SDSU win, as well as the upcoming game against UCLA.

Wide Receiver Donnie O'neal shook off a shoulder injury that was hampered him the last few weeks, and went on to have a solid season debut with 101 receiving yards and two touchdowns. His shoulder never played a factor: "I feel really good. This win is great for our school and our team. I'm proud of our defense, they played awesome. I'm proud of our young corners they played awesome for their first game. We did have some mistakes, but this is the first game and that's expected. We have a long way to improve." O'neal had kudos for the Sun Devils quarterback as well: "He did a great job. I think he needs to slide (after Krohn fumbled carrying the ball) I think (smile). He's a tough guy, and that's what he wants to show everybody. We're proud of him, and he has a long career. I think everybody, like Krohn, came in with a lot more confidence this year. The coaches have done a great job with our team spirit, and unity." His thoughts on the San Diego State defense were: "I didn't think their defense was worst than I though they would be, we just game planned very well for them. Not to take anything away from San Diego, but our coaches help us pick up on the little things they did, and that helped us a lot. We watched a lot of film and that helped us that much more to prepare for them." Looking forward to the road game at UCLA the senior said: "We're gonna enjoy this win today, watch game film tomorrow, and them start preparing for UCLA. I haven't watched them too much this year, but I did see them against Alabama. We just have to do take care of business against them. This team is a lot different than last year. Our team unity is great, and everyone can count on the person next to him to their job."

Defensive End Terrell Suggs wanted to record 20 sacks this year, and so far he's on pace with two against the Aztecs, to go along with a forced fumble. The outgoing and flamboyant sophomore wanted to make sure that his exploits are receiving national attention: "Is ESPN here? Oh, just Fox 10. That's cool. I'm down with the local channels." His thoughts on the game were: "We were hungry. When you have a 7:00 game, all you do is sit at the hotel and watch everybody else play. That even made us hungrier. That's why we played fast and hit hard. We wanted to be stingy on defense. We wanted a 3-1 ratio, and have three big plays to their one big play. That's what we got tonight. We wanted to get that first win out for the coach tonight. I don't think it could have been much better for our freshmen corners tonight, especially with the touchdown by Franklin. We were hammering them with advice on how to prepare for the game, and my hat goes off to them. Thanks a lot you all be cool! (smile)"

Jeff Krohn started the 2001 season in a much more convincing manner than the 2000 one. His four touchdowns with no interceptions made delighted him to say the least. "It definitely feels great tonight. We didn't execute well a lot of things, but like coach said you never apologize for a win. Against UCLA we'll have to do better. I was a little bit nervous at first, but I did feel like I got into a better rhythm as the game went on. We have a new system and a lot to prove, but I did relax as the game went on." The sophomore was very complimentary of his defense and some on offensive targets: "If we can be more time on the field than the defense, that's great. That makes both of our lives much easier. Flowers looked good, and that will help us a lot down the road. Being able to run the ball will open up so many things down the field for us. The line did a great job tonight too. O'neal was the main guy tonight. On one touchdown catch, he came back to the ball to catch it and that shows what kind of athlete he is." Looking ahead the signal caller said: "We have confidence now, a and we know what we can do and what we have to polish. I do take the game with a grain of salt since they (SDSU) really wore down by the heat as the game went by. I myself missed a couple of plays that could have been touchdowns, and I'm disappointed about that. We have tough conference and we definitely will have to play better against UCLA. It was great feeling in the locker room after the game. We love to sing the fight song after a win!"

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