Mike Bercovici perspective on Mike Norvell move to Memphis

Mike Bercovici gave his perspective on what Memphis is getting with its hiring of Mike Norvell as head coach.

Arizona State senior quarterback Mike Bercovici will play the final game of his career without his offensive coordinator. But Bercovici thinks the Sun Devils are prepared for it, and also believes that Memphis made a great hire when its leadership picked Norvell to be their head coach. 

"They're getting a complete package," Bercovici said. "Just, someone who is going to bring a similar culture to what we have here. Character, smart, disciplined, toughness. That's what you're going to see on the field. You're going to see a coach who every single day, every rep, for however long he's there, they're going to get his personal best, and his personal best is pretty good. They're lucky to have a coach like Mike Norvell."

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