Post-season Arizona State commitment evaluation grades

After watching updated film of all Arizona State prospects in the 2016 recruiting class we have updated our independent evaluation grades, which are as follows.

Dougladson Subtyl 9 -- Plug and play prototype Devil backer with great motor, rush end/OLB high draft potential.

Dillon Sterling-Cole 9 -- Impressive combination of size, tools, arm and intangibles, with maturity.

Maurice Chandler 8.5 -- NFL caliber athleticism at his size and terrific in-phase coverage plus recovery.

N'Keal Harry 8.5 -- Big framed, extension plays on the football, and has in route composure.

J'Marcus Rhodes 8 -- Versatility and length with zone and man scheme capability. 

Koron Crump 8 -- High end sub-package pass rusher who needs size to unlock full potential.

Jeremy Smith 8 -- Out of position receiver prospect with a great combination of size and movement fluidity.

Christian Hill 8 -- Only scratching the surface of his potential but older so it's a race against time. 

Cohl Cabral 7.5 -- Very good foot quickness and motor at his length, swing prospect who can play 4-5 line spots.

Kyle Williams 7.5 -- Quicker than fast leverage route player who gains underneath separation. 

Chase Lucas 7.5 -- Length and athleticism not in question, position uncertainty, lack of defense reps is headwind. 

Robbie Robinson 7.5 -- Size is limitation though Robinson has excellent hips flexion, quickness, change of direction.

Jared Bubak 7 -- Out of position 3-back prospect with Pac-12 caliber athletic package at size and route potential.

Tre Turner 7 -- Two-sport star with perhaps higher ceiling in baseball than football. Offensive versatility. 

Marshal Nathe 6.5 -- Early in-state offer and commitment with length and range limitations, tough, balanced center.

Michael Sleep-Dalton -- (We do not put an evaluation grade on punters except for class average purposes)

Evaluation Key

10 -- Elite NFL Prospect

9 -- Very Good NFL Prospect

8. -- NFL Potential

7 -- Pac-12 prospect 

6 -- Group of 5 Prospect 

5 -- Fringe Division I recruit

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