Sun Devils Close to Montoya's Home and Heart

For the 6-2 317 two-way lineman Joe Montoya the recruiting process is very simple. The hometown school needs to say where and when and he'll be donning the maroon and gold in a heartbeat.

"Recruiting with ASU is going real good." Says the Phoenix Moon Valley HS standout. "I enjoyed their camp, and I really like (offensive linemen) Coach Grimes. I didn't get a good vibe from other coaches that recruited me. I've been working with (ex-ASU Head Coach) Bruce Snyder at UNLV and the Nevada coach, but I don't feel comfortable with them as I do with Grimes."

Montoya also mentions Oregon State, Cal, Boise State, and NAU as schools vying for his services. Nevertheless, he makes no qualms on where his heart truly lies. "I didn't get any offers yet. UNLV wanted to offer me, but I'm an in-state boy. I want to play for ASU. If they don't offer me, I'll obviously look elsewhere. But that's my number one school. If it's up to me I'm staying close to home. I know I can play for a Division II school, but I think I rather stay in town and play for Glendale Community College if I don't go to ASU. But I'm not gonna stay close to home no matter what. I don't look for a big name school. I'll just evaluate what's comfortable for me." He also mentioned that even though he can play defensive tackle, he's mainly being recruited as an offensive guard.

If someone ever questions the Moon Valley's lineman love for the Sun Devils, one must not look further than his ‘relationship' with ASU's archrival. "I talked to one of the Arizona recruiters when they were talking to my teammate Thomas Gagliardi. They got mad at me because I talked some crap to their face, but I'm a Devils fan (smile). I don't think they like me at all…"

Just like the current ASU players, this Sun Devil prospect hasn't been sitting idle for the past several weeks. "I'm training very hard all summer, so I can come out and explode my senior year. I don't know how serious ASU is about me, so I have to play hard so they'll come out and get me." When asked specifically about his skills, Montoya balances his confidence and humility. "I definitely need to work on blocking linebackers. I'm really fast, and I surprise people when I pull. I'm not only one of the strongest pulling guards, but also one of the fastest (clocked at a 5.3). I play with Thomas Gagliardi who's one of the best in the West Coast. If I can play with him, I can play with anybody. I also want to work on fundamentals more and get my cardio up. My coach wants me to play both ways this year, so I have to work on my endurance. I don't wanna get bogged down and get sloppy with the feet work."

The relationship with his future coaches is the number one factor the lineman will look at when choosing a school. "I got to have a good vibe with the coaches. That's why I like Coach Grimes. I like how he teaches, and some of the stuff he teaches now I already know and I feel comfortable with it. School atmosphere doesn't matter to me. I'll work hard on and off the field and get good grades." Speaking of academics, Montoya told us that he's yet to take an SAT test, and currently has a 2.75 GPA. "I fooled around before with my studies, but now I'm taking it seriously."

One would be hard pressed to find a Sun Devil prospect who bleeds maroon and gold as much as Joe Montoya does. His desire to play in Tempe is what drives him to excel in his senior season. "If ASU offered me I would cry (smile). I would sign anything they want me to. I'm that die hard of a fan." And maybe one day the maroon and gold faithful will be the ones cheering on Montoya Saturdays at Sun Devil stadium.

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