Getting to know: Dougladson Subtyl

Dougladson Subtyl isn't just the top pass rusher in the California junior college ranks. He also loves playing the guitar, drawing, and is learning the piano.

Name: Dougladson Subtyl

Hometown: Haiti (country of origin. Moved to Florida as teenager)

School: Victor Valley Junior College in Victorville, California

Position: Devil Backer

Height: 6-foot-4

Weight: 235 pounds

Squat max: 455

Clean max: 285

2015 stats: "I had 30 sacks the last two years. Last year I had 44 hurries i think (as a freshman) and this year I don't even know how many this year."

Senior honors: all-conference, all-region, CCCAA All-American and Defensive Player of the Year. ranking: No. 15 nationally in junior college 2016 Scout100 including the No. 2 defensive end

Offers:  "I have 41 or 42 offers."

Favorite food: Pizza and lasagna 

Favorite drink: Fruit punch

Favorite movie: Ironman 2

Favorite music type/artist: "I like all kinds of music. I play the guitar and piano. I've been playing the guitar for a year and a half. I play hip-hop, reggae music, Haitian, country, and a little romantic stuff. I do stuff for my church. I just started learning the piano. I like all kinds of music."

Favorite female celebrity: Carrie Underwood

Favorite NFL player: J.J. Watt and Ray Lewis

Favorite hobby: "Drawing or playing the guitar. I play video games too. I like drawing [landscapes] Since I was in Haiti I've been doing that."

Role model: “I would say my dad. My parents, mostly. My dad brought me from Haiti and my mom is my motivation. That's what keeps me going. I'm trying to get her out of Haiti." 

Best sports memory: "It was back in high school, senior year. I had seven sacks in one game. I forgot how many tackles I had, I had a lot. It felt good. It was like, I want more. It keeps my hungry. I had five sacks in a junior college game. Last year and this year I had 30 (total)." 

On the first time he knew he was good enough to play at the next level: "My first year playing football, it was the first home game. I made a big hit and I injured the quarterback. I knocked him out of the game on the first play. I was a junior. I was like, 'hey, I'm kind of good.'"

On moving to ASU and being on his own: "I feel like it's a home going to Arizona State. My goal is to break Terrell Suggs' sack record. I'm going to break that record, it's my goal, I have to."

Why ASU: "Since day one, the coaches have been calling me. I love the fans, being around Arizona State. I like the school, not just football. When I went to ASU it was crazy, like the experience. I can't wait."

On his goals for his freshman season: "I want to start and get a lot of sacks. I want to have the most sacks in the league."

“That wouldn’t be a problem [being redshirted]. I’m just saying, I don’t want to go in expecting it to be laid back. I’m going to in at my max potential I could possibly be at.”

On his signing day plans: "I think my high school coach and college coach will have a little thing."

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