Getting to know: Cohl Cabral

Offensive lineman Cohl Cabral earned Under Armour All-American honors as a senior as is looking to try to make a quick impact at Arizona State.

Name: Cohl Cabral

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, California

School: Los Osos High School

Position: Offensive Line

Height: 6-foot-6

Weight: 278 pounds

Bench max: 285

Squat max: 530

Clean max: 285

Senior honors: Baseline League first-team; first-team All-Inland Valley; Under Armour All-American ranking: No. 37 offensive tackle nationally, No. 6 in the West by  Scout

Offers:  ASU, Arizona, Boise State, Cal, Michigan, Oregon, Oregon State, USC, Utah

Favorite food: Barbeque. Anything off the cow. 

Favorite drink: Ice Tea

Favorite movie: Facing the Giants and The Fifth Quarter

Favorite music type/artist: Depends on my mood. Either country if I'm just hanging out or rock if I'm working out or something. Disturbed and Fall Out Boy

Favorite female celebrity: None

Favorite NFL player: Brian Cushing

Favorite hobby: Working out or baseball

Role model: "I'd have to say my dad. Just because he had to kind of come from a spot where his family wasn't the big name family, wasn't the best, parents were there for him but for him to finish and get through high school, one of the first to do that and go on to college. And then to be a good coach when I was younger, getting me in baseball and staying on me about my grades. He pushed me at such a good age to excel and be my best at whatever I do."

Best sports memory: "Making my first start as a sophomore. I think that was a big sports memory for me."

On the first time he knew he was good enough to play at the next level: "My sophomore when I made my first start for varsity as our starting right tackle. I thought then that maybe I'd have a chance to play in college, wherever that was. Then when I started doing camps and started working out with big guy, and the ASU satellite camp going into my junior year, I put myself in a good shot to show I could play and still grow, that put me in the state of mind that I could do it."

On moving to ASU and being on his own: "Just really looking forward to it. Of course there will be challenges but it's exciting to take that next step of life as far as football and college and I think ASU is a great place for me to do that successfully." 

Why ASU: "The whole program. It's a school on the rise. They're doing the right thing. They're getting guys to the league. Most importantly, they're getting guys working toward their Master's (degree) a lot of times before they're done playing. They're just ahead of the curve and put so much emphasis on academics and your education. They make clear you're there to have a life after football. Also just how big the brotherhood is there, how much the guys really do care for each other and are willing to go to the extra length to help their guys out."

On ASU offensive line coach Chris Thomsen: "He's awesome. He's a very personable guy, fun the be around. He loves to compete. He and my younger brother have had a ping pong feud going since my official visit."

On his goals for his freshman season: "I'd love to come in and make an impact as early as I can. Win a starting spot and get on the field early and help the team get wins and a Pac-12 championship and make a run at a national championship. I'd like to be a freshman All-American and make my presence known."

On his signing day plans: "My school does a signing party type thing where they get anyone going off to play in college, we do it in our theater. Anyone you want to have there is invited and everyone hangs out who is going on to play at the next level."

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