Getting to Know: Michael Sleep-Dalton

Arizona State is adding a junior college punter from Australia into the fold in 2016, Michael Sleep-Dalton. He likes remote controlled cars and his 1970s Mazda RX-7.

Name: Michael Sleep-Dalton

Hometown: Geelong, Australia

School: Community College of San Francisco

Position: Punter

Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 190 pounds

Favorite food: Spaghetti Carbonara and a really good steak. It's close. 

Favorite drink: Milo. Chocolate-malted mix-in drink powder or energy drink

Favorite movie: All the Fast and Furious movies and Scarface and Back to the Future movies

Favorite music type/artist: I don't have a favorite type. My favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite female celebrity: Not really, nobody in particular

Favorite NFL player: Rob Gronkowski and Chris Judd (Australian Rules)

Favorite hobby: "Spending time with my family and friends and remote controlled cars. I have my own actual car that is a bit of collector's item back home too that I work on, It's an old Mazda RX-7 (1970s)."

Role model: "My mom. Single mom, raising two kids, not earning a lot of money, we had to sacrifice a lot, move around quite a bit. She got to a pretty good place financially and to work through the lows and come out better in the end. The work ethic that my mom has and the hard yards she's done to support my brother and myself, yeah, she's my role model."

Best sports memory: "In Australian Rules Football, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the ultimate place to play. My senior year we made a grand final and got to play there which was really a highlight."

On the first time he knew he was good enough to play at the next level: "I'm not sure, really, I don't think I knew because of my background for sure until I came here to (CCSF) and then I did." 

On moving to ASU and being on his own: "Well it's very exciting. Of course I'm already doing it to a great extend here at my junior college as far as being on my own but just playing at the higher level and going to a school such as Arizona State, it's going to be great." 

Why ASU: "How much care they have toward student-athlete success in the classroom. How much they want us to succeed and they don't want anyone to fail. They have academic coaches who are on top of our schedule and know when we have assignments due. That really stood out to me. It's one of the top two schools to my major (construction management), which was a major factor. Pac-12 has great history. A lot of players have gone on to play in the next league which is what I want to do. The coaching staff is second to none. The campus is beautiful. Tempe is an amazing area. It has a really good feel to the area."

On ASU offensive line coach Shawn Slocum: "He's really good. I've actually spoken with him a lot and on the weekend I was with him a majority of the time. We have a good relationship already and got along well. His knowledge of the game and my position will help so much. I can't wait to keep building a relationship with him."

On his goals for his freshman season: "Getting there is an accomplishment in and of itself. I'm not sure if I'll play or redshirting (Matt Haack will be a senior). Just doing well in school, getting a head start in that area. When I play, having as few return yards as possible, no touchdowns brought back against me, a lot of inside 20s and to win the Ray Guy in my first season. And then the team winning and playing in the Pac-12 championship and win that and play in the National Championship."

On his signing day plans: "The school does do a whole signing thing but I'm not sure exactly what all that includes."

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