Recruits provide thoughts on Arizona State Junior Day

We spoke with a number of visitors to Arizona State's Junior Day Saturday, including five-star local 2017 offensive tackle recruit Austin Jackson.

K.J. Jarrell: "The coaching staff was very welcoming and made it feel like home and I was very impressed with how far ASU has come from an education standpoint to be named as one of the top universities in the world."

Austin Jackson: "It was very informational and I learned a lot of good things about what the program has to offer. Their academic program overall just surprised me."

Jalen Harris: "It was very informative, learned a lot about the university and I had the chance to speak with coaches. I really enjoyed it. I learned the coaches put a high priority on education and graduating their players. The coaches talked about defensive and offensive philosophies and expectations of players."

Jared Poplawski: "It was great meeting all of the coaches and seeing all of the facilities. I had a great time. I really like the program and what they have going on over there. I really like how the new stadium and the new facilities are going to look."

Brandon Ruiz:  "It was a great experience. We talked a lot about academics at ASU and got to ask question to current football players. That atmosphere was great and showed the best parts of ASU. They like what they see and would like for me to go to their camp over the summer to see me in person."

Corey Stephens: "Had an excellent time! It was very well put together and focused on the important things outside of football. (Fellow Saguaro prospects) Jared (Poplawski), K.J. (Jarrell) and I all really enjoyed it, and enjoyed the time with the coaches.I really, really like Coach (Chip) Lindsey."

Justin Johnson: "I was very impressed with the coaching staff, what they stand for, and their commitment to winning every day. Coach told me to keep up the good performance on the field and to take care of my grades."

Austin Liles: "It was great. The coaching staff was awesome and the new facilities are all going to be impressive. They said they are really interested, coach (Jay) Norvell is still getting settled in and I just got to meet coach Lindsey today so they said to keep in touch and they will go from there."

Victor Terry: "I liked the vibe and its environment. Nothing really (impactful recruiting-wise), they just told me I have time and they'll be out in Cali soon and watch me in action and things like that."

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