D.J. Foster improved his 40 yard dash and had a flawless receiving session Friday

An impressive Pro Day performance by D.J. Foster may help his prospects ahead of next month's NFL Draft.

On the Dickey Dome playing surface that has housed hundreds of his college workouts, D.J. Foster resoundingly accomplished what he set out to at Arizona State's Pro Day. 

After clocking 4.57 seconds in the 40-yard dash at last month's NFL Combine, Foster was timed much faster Friday. He ran the sprint at between 4.42 and 4.46 seconds according to what Foster said scouts told him. That goes very well with the elite short shuttle and l-cone times he had already turned in. 

"I wanted to show I do have that top end speed to go along with the quickness and I felt like I did that today," Foster said. 

After the testing phase of the day, Foster combined with former teammates Gary Chambers and Devin Lucien, as well as former Sun Devil and current NFL wideout Kyle Williams and quarterback Mike Bercovici to put on a very impressively choreographed and executed passing and receiving session. 

Bercovici said they were able to get 45 throws out of a planned 53, and only three our four balls hit the ground, with no drops by Foster, Chambers or Lucien. 

"It's nice that me, Mike and Gary have been training together the last two months," Foster said. 'I thought that went into play with a lot of the success, the organization, the rhythm we just did. Mike did a great job being a leader with it and his coach Travis did a great job. Mike taking the time and effort, he wanted it professional the way it was done. His communication, I thought we did a great job out there."

Foster's production dropped in 2016 as he transitioned to outside wide receiver for much of the season, a move that has been widely criticized and ASU coach Todd Graham said earlier this week was probably a mistake. But Foster said he has no regrets and is looking forward, with an experienced that helped him broaden out his overall skill set. 

"I played running back for 15 years of my life, every down running back, as well as my junior year of college," Foster said. "As well, moving the slot, I did that my first three years. And then this past year being in the wide receiver room and being a student of the game. A lot of people look at the stats and kind of get down on it and say I didn't accomplish what I could do, which is okay. But I open my mind in a sense of being a leader, being a student of the game, being a captain, being able to ask a freshman, 'what am I doing on this route, I have no clue what this is.' I grew so much as a person, as a man, I definitely don't regret anything. I learned a lot as well being a a receiver.

"Little things that coach Graham talks about that you hear a lot, the character, the discipline, it kind of sounds repetitious to a lot of people but when you're living that every day, it really does change a young man's life." 

Now Foster will take a few days off before getting back into the grind as he puts his best foot forward toward an NFL opportunity. 

"Hang out for a few days, maybe lay down by the beach," he said. "Just enjoy my time. We've got to stay in shape. A lot of guys make a fault by just hanging out for the next two months but we've got to stay in shape and I'll be back here to work out. Just take a couple days off, regather my thoughts and just appreciate the process I just went through, enjoy my success with it and have fun with my friends and family for a little bit and then back to work."

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