Mike Bercovici shows well in Arizona State Pro Day performance

The organization and execution of Friday's Arizona State pro day by Mike Bercovici and the wide receivers he threw to made a clear impression.

For at least a day, Mike Bercovici looked like a quarterback who'd played in a pro-style offense in college. That was one of his goals for Friday's Arizona State Pro Day. 

In quarterback work, Bercovici showed impressive footwork and balance in his drops from center, and delivered the ball with consistent accuracy, timing and pop to wide receivers D.J. Foster, Gary Chambers, Devin Lucien and Kyle Williams. 

"What I wanted to prove, I think the biggest thing is that all my film is pretty much in shotgun," Bercovici said. "I wanted to show that non only can I get under center and make all the throws, but have the personality and presence of mind to prove that I can be out here and organize something like this, bring the best out of all the players and show high character, high effort guy who truly loves coming out here and having a day full of football."

Bercovici had a plan of 53 scripted throws and said they got through about 45 of them. There were only three or four balls the hit the ground and no drops by Foster, Chambers or Lucien. Only a couple balls were off the mark, one a deep throw to Lucien who was clearly gassed at the end of the session. The coordination and execution of the session was extremely efficient. 

"It was a really fun day," Bercovici said. "We've been talking about this, the last time us as Sun Devils, this class, will be on the football field together. For me as a quarterback and the wide receivers that we were working with, I thought it went incredible. There's no way to simulate the adrenaline you feel when you're out there but I thought it was extremely efficient, a lot of completions, amazing catches, especially one-handers with D.J. and Devin. We showed everybody what we did out there.

"I told my dad, we've been throwing these routes since I was 5 years old, so it's really not much."

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