Leadership key to winning quarterback job according to Manny Wilkins

Entering his third year at Arizona State, Manny Wilkins is competing for the starting quarterback job he's long coveted.

Intangibles could play a major role in determining who ultimately emerges from Arizona State's quarterback competition. Manny Wilkins knows it. 

Building off of what ASU head coach Todd Graham and offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey have said in recent weeks, the third-year sophomore quarterback is focused on developing more than just his physical skill set. 

"Leadership is the thing that at this level if you do not have it, you will not be successful," Wilkins said in the wake of ASU's first spring practice Monday.  "There are guys out there who are amazing quarterbacks but never fully get to their full potential because they do not have those leaderships skills where 10 guys are able to follow them onto the football field and make 10 guys better every time they step on the field."

In other to be the best performer he can be, Wilkins said he has to tune out how the other quarterbacks in the competition are performing and focus only on what he can personally control. 

"You can't think about, 'oh Bryce did this,' or, 'oh Brady did this,'" Wilkins said. "You're your own man. If you just do what you do and relax and go play ball, that's what we're here to do, that's what we were brought here to do is just play football and win football games.

"I really think everybody is even, everybody has an equal opportunity. As long as you do not turn the football over, and just do what you've got to do, the best guy will win the job."

Despite Lindsey taking over the offense from previous coordinator and now Memphis head coach Mike Norvell, Wilkins is of the opinion that not much has changed. 

"You know everything is really the same," he said. "The offense is the same, it's just different people, different coaches and we are high energy, guys are flying around. We're really trying to elevate our game to the next level. I think that's what your goal is every spring, to go out there and try to execute the offense, really, and install things and move the football down the field easy and fast."

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