Player Capsule: Kody Kohl

Arizona State fifth year senior Kody Kohl is a homegrown player who grew up a Sun Devil fan. What are his prospects for a successful final season in Tempe?

Player Capsule: Kody Kohl

Position: Tight End/3-back

Eligibility: Senior

Height: 6-foot-3

Weight: 230 pounds

2015 season quick review: Doubling his production as a pass catcher from the previous season, Kohl had 32 catches for 368 yards with four touchdowns. He finished fourth on the team in receptions and receiving yards. Even so there were some big missed opportunities that could have allowed Kohl to put up more impressive numbers. 

2014 season quick review: Kohl finished fourth on the ASU offense last year with 16 catches for 167 yards with four touchdowns. He was a valuable red zone option and key blocker both in-line and in space.

Tight ends coach Del Alexander: "He's a great teammate, a very smart player and it's one of those things, Kody and I can talk at a level different than (freshman) Jared (Bubak) because Kody has been here before. At the same time, Kody has needs as a player too and I have to give him the same respect as far as coaching him and giving him the same information that I'm giving to a guy who is new to the position. The challenge is, and that's what good about coaching, I've got to step up my game to make sure that he elevates his." analysis (05/2016): Even though he doubled his production as a pass catcher last season as a junior, Kohl had a chance to make a much greater impact. He had some key drops in the open field and in the end zone, the latter of which being where he really had a chance to cement his status as a weapon in the red zone. It didn't really materialize. His four touchdown catches in 2015 only equalled his 2014 production even though he had twice as many catches overall and more chances. 

Focus and composure at the ball's arrival are areas Kohl will have to work on to maximize his potential. For not being a great athlete he's done a good job technically of releasing into his routes and getting open and in position to make some plays, but for whatever reason hasn't come up with the ball enough. Even so, he's still the most polished of the tight ends on the roster from a skill standpoint entering the 2016 season. 

Kohl has had several limiting injuries through his college career, with a hamstring issue being the most recent and it kept him off the field the entire spring. That's something to watch moving forward, as these injuries are easy to aggravate. He looked quite lean in recent months and has had relatively wide fluctuations of weight in his career in order to try to find the sweet spot that provides enough heft from a blocking standpoint without cutting too much into his range and mobility as a route runner. 

At 6-foot-3, Kohl isn't especially long or advantaged from a physical standpoint as a blocker, but tends to do a good job of mitigating that with his footwork and overall approach to the task. He's a tough player who is an authentic teammate and passionate home grown Sun Devil. He's capable of having a good senior season if he's able to complete plays he's put himself in position to make. 

(06/2015) Kohl's been a Sun Devil fan his whole life and is a great intangibles player and teammate. In measurable ways, Kohl isn't an ideal tight end at this level, not as tall or lanky as would be prototypical, not as fleet of foot or otherwise athletic enough to be considered a high end prospect at the position. But Kohl overcomes some of his shortcomings simply by toughness and determination. He does have a strong base and good posture as a blocker both in-line and in space, and does a relatively good job of using his feet to get in position for blocks. His balance and leverage as a blocker tends to be quite good for being undersized and not especially quick. Length is a limitation as a blocker and that and not being a bigger body are somewhat limiting and what he's always going to be overachieving as a blocker when he's performing against high level defensive athletes.

Kohl's weight has fluctuated quite a bit while at ASU. He was leaner this spring after saying he felt he got too heavy in the past. There's a trade off associated with that and finding the right middle point is crucial. Too light and he is going to have a harder time sustaining blocks and not being as potent in the run game. Too heavy and he'll not be as rangy as a receiver, which will limit what ASU can do with him and perhaps the overall capability of the offense given that other returning options aren't as full service as Kohl.

As a pass catcher, Kohl has to maximize his average mobility by being more of a precise route runner. He's been challenged in this regard by ASU tight ends coach Chip Long and it's something players spend endless practice hours on during the spring and fall. If he can have better footwork and use his body in more of a coordinated fashion, he can extend his range and be more of a receiving threat than he has been in the past. There have been times Kohl had been literally a split second shy of getting his head around on near-area targets in time to make plays on the football and that can be remedied to some degree by getting to the spot a hair more quickly

Projected depth chart status: Last season, nobody on the roster was close to Kohl in terms of readiness to play from a knowledge or schematic understanding standpoint and as a result he was a locked in starter. Some of the others on the roster are now closing that gap though, and also have more long-term upside. As a result, Kohl's status atop the depth chart isn't as solidified as it was in the past, with junior Raymond Epps and sophomore JayJay Wilson, in particular, nipping at his heels. Kohl is going to have to perform at a high level in order to avoid seeing some of his reps siphoned off to other players. 

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