Karney Puts Nostalgia on Hold

A college player's senior year is a time for reflection. A season full of milestones, such as, the last camp and the last home game. Fullback Mike Karney told DevilsDigest that those sentiments will take a back seat to his intense focus and work ethic, as well as desire to finish a fine Sun Devil career with an exclamation point.

"I'm just looking forward to us having a great year." Says Karney, "The Reflecting part will all happen after the season is over. I think we'll have a great year, and I'm looking forward to enjoying it all." The fullback did acknowledge that so far his tenure in Tempe has been a blur. "All my three years here just flew by. It just seems like yesterday that we were playing in the Holiday Bowl. This year, playing 11 weeks in a row will make this season even go faster. We just have to take advantage of it all and enjoy it. But we have to make sure we don't lose focus either."

Speaking of a his senior season, there was a time earlier this year where it was widely believed that Karney (and Regis Crawford for that matter) were going to forgo their last year of eligibility in favor of the NFL draft. Karney says that he mulled over his decision at length, and is at peace with his resolution. "It was a long process that touched on every angle possible. In the end, I felt it was best to come back my senior year and do some great things here. I'm excited about it, and happy to be back working on my game."

ASU's rushing attack endured more than its fair share of criticism last season. By virtue of being the lead blocker, Karney did take exception to the sharp barbs that the media and fans have hurled towards him and his cohorts. Thus, he would love nothing more than to silence the critics in the twilight of his ASU career. "For me it's degrading with everybody questioning the running game. We worked very hard in the spring, the backs and the linemen. We're ready to go, and ready to improve. That's all we can do. With Andrew (Walter) being a big threat this year, it's gonna open up the running lanes. And when they open, we'll be ready to run…it would be awesome to leave ASU after having a great season running the ball."

In his ASU tenure the senior has blocked for great running backs such as Delvon Flowers. Despite some skepticism out there, Karney believes that the talent level this year will remind fans of years past. "We've got a lot of Delvon Flowers' out there (smile). We have a lot of talent. I'm not quite sure how it's all gonna work out with playing time, but I feel very confident with whomever is gonna carry the ball. I'm just gonna do my job and work on hard to block for whomever is carrying the ball." And what about more involvement in the catching the pigskin? "I hope so. I think I could see myself used more in the passing game. It just all depends what the scheme is and what the defense gives us. I think I caught the ball a lot the last two years. It would be nice to do it a lot my senior year, because it's my most important year. But I've shown that I can do that already. Plus, I put the team, the running back before me. My job is doing the dirty work, and that's what I'm gonna do."

This ultimate blue-collar worker intends to have some fun not only on the field but also off of it. "I got a camcorder for my birthday, so I'm definitely gonna live it up and get all those freshmen singing the fight song (a ritual of Camp T). I'm just gonna take this last Tontozona experience all in, and have fun with it. Sure we gonna have fun with the young guys, but we have to make sure that we bring them up and get them ready for the season." When all is said and done, that should be Mike Karney's legacy – a tireless worker and an immaculate leader.

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