Player Capsule: Evan Goodman

The only returning starter at offensive line for Arizona State is Evan Goodman, who has a lot of talent but hasn't yet put it all together on the field. Could this be his year?

Player Capsule: Evan Goodman

Position: Offensive Tackle

Eligibility: Senior

Height: 6-foot-4

Weight: 310 pounds

2015 season quick review: As a first-year starter, Goodman got the call in 11 games at left tackle. It was about as rough a start to the season as is possible against Texas A&M, but he smoothed out as the year unfolded despite too many instances of penalties and other lapses for his overall talent level. 

ASU sports performance coach Shawn Griswold on Goodman: "Evan Goodman had an unbelievable winter. That guy's got a chance (at the NFL). He's 315 (pounds) right now and looks like he's 290. He's been really good this winter, like a totally different kid. I guess he sees it as his senior year, he's leading it in here, he's talking, he led all the runs for the o-line. That's not the old Evan. You put the card out, this is what you've got to do, and he's the first guy to go. I think he's going to have an unbelievable year." 

Offensive line coach Chris Thomsen (in 2015): "Well the way he bends and his movements and the fluidity by which he moves and his feet turn over (is impressive). Like Jamil (Douglas) as a tackle his kick slide was long and it kind of had to unfold and those quicker rushes will get to that, they'll be on you. Well Evan's feet are real smooth and efficient, he's got some movements that only God will give you. You can't teach that, you can't coach that, you can't buy that, and I think he's a little bit like Sulka was, it's that same stage, you gotta grow up. Because when I got here Sulka was, I was not pleased with him at first and Evan's on the same track he's just gotta grow up. That's typical for lineman, they're the last ones to develop." analysis (06/2016): Goodman's first start came against Texas A&M in ostensibly a road atmosphere against arguably the best pass rush duo in the country. It didn't go well. After giving up multiple sacks in the game Goodman's confidence could have been ruined but the Sun Devils stuck with him and Goodman ultimately started 11 games last season. He improved as the season went along and may not have allowed as many sacks and/or quarterback pressures the rest of the season as he did against the Aggies, but still left a lot to be desired. 

Goodman has frustrated with his tendency to collect false start penalties and have other mental lapses, including needing to have calls repeated in order to be on the same page. That can't happen from a guy who is now ASU's most veteran player at the group. Maturity and a greater sense of purposes are the things Goodman has needed to display with much greater consistency. ASU's head sports performance coach Shawn Griswold believes that Goodman had a breakthrough in this regard in the team's winter strength and conditioning program. 

What remains to be the case is the impressive physical profile presented by Goodman. He has the physique and movement skills of someone who could conceivably play at the next level if everything comes together for him. He's a bit on the short end for a left tackle but with long arms, big hands and a very good body type for the position. He's got good agility and smooth feet. The intangibles haven't been there with enough consistency though. 

(06/2015) Perhaps due to a lack of experience and some lingering immaturity, Goodman hasn't shown a sense of urgency with his preparation habits -- at least in an outwardly visible way. That may also be in part attributable to the knowledge he wouldn't be starting ahead of Jamil Douglas. But it has perhaps served to slow his developmental progress to some degree, because athletically Goodman is about as good a prospect as any ASU offensive player on the roster.

At 6-foot-4, Goodman is lanky, with a shorter torso and long limbs and a wide frame that allows him to carry weight well. Even at 315 pounds he looks well constructed. In pass protection he's very smooth and yet able to get depth quickly and efficiently in his kick step. He also has very good balance and doesn't tend to play outside of his frame much or struggle to handle speed rushers when he's more exposed to a variety of attacks.

As a run blocker Goodman uses his impressive flexibility very well, and as a tackle who isn't especially tall, already has more natural leverage. He has some pop behind his pads as a down blocker because of how he's able to access his base strength, and when he's fully engaged can get his feet orientated in great position to be be technically quite proficient.

Projected depth chart status:  There was some thought in the ASU fan community that Goodman might be vulnerable to a challenge at left tackle this season. That did not materialize in spring football, however. It seems very unlikely Goodman will be pushed out of the starting lineup by anyone and we expect he'll be a mainstay at left tackle for the Sun Devils in 2016. 

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