Player Capsule: Quinn Bailey

One of the best candidates to be among Arizona State's new starting offensive linemen is third-year sophomore Quinn Bailey.

Player Capsule: Quinn Bailey

Position: Offensive Tackle

Eligibility: Sophomore

Height: 6-foot-5

Weight: 311 pounds

2015 season quick review: After redshirting in 2014, Bailey was a largely unused reserve last season. 

Offensive line coach Chris Thomsen: "When I first saw Quinn I went to watch him play basketball and liked his athleticism and when he got to ASU he already had pretty good size for a freshman. You know he's got that bigger frame and that's what we've been trying to do with recruiting. He's worked hard pretty consistently to make strides with his technique and is very coachable. I think he's starting to look like a guy who can get it done at this level and still hasn't really played so if he's able to get out there and soak up some experience this year and do well with it he's got a chance to become an important player for us this season." analysis: One of ASU's most improved players over a two-year period, Bailey has significantly refined and smoothed out the coordination of movement in his pass pro. He's much more fluid and synced with his upper and lower halves than when he arrived at ASU, getting functional depth more quickly and efficiently. This remains one of his key focal points as an offensive linemen moving forward and handling speed rushes on the edge from dynamic pass rushers will ultimately determine just how successful he becomes this season and beyond.

In practice, including 11-on-11 situation, Bailey can at times still get beaten by rush ends to really attack and get up the field in a hurry. He's got to work on continuing to increase is capability to expand to handle speed on the perimeter, as there's usually about a handful of Pac-12 players capable of exploiting this, particularly in a load road environment. The form of his sets are much better, but increased foot quickness and more consistent hand location and speed when managing such edge pressure will allow him to continue to improve. 

Bailey has quite a bit of pop behind his pads against the run and is particularly jarring for an offensive tackle on down blocks. He has good leverage releasing off the football in the run game and accesses his lower body strength in a very functional way. For a good 6-foot-5, 311 pounds, this is a real asset. He has the ability to fire out and be very capable in the inside, outside and stretch concepts the Sun Devils employ, with a nice understanding of how to use angles, and how he stays relatively compact. These attributes make him a candidate to also play inside at right guard if ASU coaches ever feel like another offensive tackle has improved enough that it is the right move to get the best overall five on the field together. 

Projected depth chart status: It appears as though Bailey is relatively strong favorite to be the team's starting right tackle when the season starts. Nobody else who would play the position has experience at this level and Bailey's been in the program for two years and improved on a continuous basis in practices. There is enough versatility in his game that he could even move to guard if ASU felt a need to slide Stephon McCray over to center and if the next best player happened to be a primary-tackle. 

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