Player Capsule: Connor Humphreys

Connor Humphreys made the move to offense last year and is developing with an eye toward the future.

Player Capsule: Connor Humphreys

Position: Offensive Lineman

Eligibility: Sophomore

Height: 6-foot-3

Weight: 290 pounds

2015 season quick review: Humphreys switched from defensive tackle to interior offensive linemen and spent the year learning new position. analysis: It's not even been a full year since Humphreys moved to the offensive side of the football but he showed some aptitude for the position immediately upon making the switch and that's continued. It's going to be a process but if Humphreys sticks with it he has a good opportunity to be in the mix for a starting job in his fourth and fifth seasons in Tempe, beginning in 2017. 

Humphreys has very good flexibility and as a result has the potential to play very well leveraged. His footwork execution on defense was a barrier to success and he doesn't pick up that part of the game as quickly as other areas, which creates some balancing issues. You can see him thinking through the in-rep execution in a way that keeps his natural talent from shining through. That's less of an issue on offense, however, and when his base execution does become more second-nature Humphreys could rapidly develop due to his assets. ASU offensive line coach Chris Thomsen is a good fit for Humphreys. 

One of Humphreys' best attributes is he uses his hands. It was his best asset on defense but he never fully accessed it because of some syncing issues and how mechanical he was in the development of his footwork. He has a compact body type for a linemen and didn't have the heft to hold up over the football or suddenness to be a 3-technique tackle so he was a 'tweener defensively and maybe even better suited to be a 3-4 end. But as an interior offensive linemen he fits the bill quite well from a physical standpoint. He's just got to become more skilled and have it all become second-nature so that his hands and impressive natural instincts can flourish. 

Projected depth chart status: This will likely be another developmental year but a lot of guys come on late as linemen, especially those who switch sides. The key thing for Humphreys is to just continue to work because he has a chance to be a very good player at this level if he does looking toward 2017. He even could play center once he gets more fluency on the offensive side. He could really blossom late in his career but has to grind to get there before the clock runs out. 

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