Player Capsule: Fred Gammage

Former walk-on Fred Gammage started on occasion last season but didn't have many catches. Could this year be different?

Player Capsule: Frederick Gammage

Position: Wide Receiver

Eligibility: Senior

Height: 5-foot-11

Weight: 185 pounds

2015 season quick review: Gammage started four games last season but had just four catches for 44 yards. analysis: (07/2016) A quick game receiving threat, Gammage could be a benefactor of the offensive shift to new coordinator Chip Lindsey. Gammage is likely to move from the perimeter to the slot, where his particular skill base could be better utilized. 

Gammage is better closer to the line of scrimmage. A former walk-on who earned  a scholarship, Gammage is neither big nor particularly fast, but has pretty good quickness and is adept at getting separation by working laterally at the snap of the football. He has good hands on balls thrown in a hurry in his direction and understands leverage. Since Lindsey incorporates a lot of quick slants and outs that get the ball out of the quarterback's hand in a hurry, Gammage could end up serving a role.

He's not going to run away from defenders or be especially slippery after the catch, but Gammage can help the Sun Devils on run replacement type throws that gain a handful of yards and keep manageable down and distances. For being a smaller receiver, he's also a pretty good blocker. You're just not going to see the big plays too often from Gammage down the field unless there's been a defensive breakdown. 

In the right type of offense -- more of an Air Raid scheme, which ASU is moving a bit more in the direction of under Lindsey -- Gammage can have more value. He doesn't have too high a ceiling but it wouldn't surprise if he plays an important role at some point or another in his final season. 

Projected depth chart status: Tim White figures to be the starter in the slot ahead of Gammage, unless Gammage plays so well in camp that ASU considers moving White to the perimeter in a lineup with White, Gammage and Cameron Smith. The most likely scenario is that Gammage is one of a few players who build into the rotation after the first unit. 

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