Player Capsule: Brady White

Redshirt freshman Brady White arrived at Arizona State as a highly regarded quarterback but he's going up against another former four-star in Manny Wilkins, and a state champion, Bryce Perkins. How does White look entering camp?

Player Capsule: Brady White

Position: Quarterback

Eligibility: Redshirt Freshman

Height: 6-foot-2

Weight: 200 pounds

2015 season quick review: White redshirted last year and gained about 20 pounds to get to approximately 200 pounds. analysis: Style-wise, White is somewhere in between sophomore Manny Wilkins and redshirt freshman Bryce Perkins. While Wilkins is the most frenetic in terms of movement and energy and Perkins tends to remain in the pocket without as much movement, White is comfortable both in the pocket and moving outside of it, but does so with a focus on trying to extend plays long enough for receivers to get open, even after completing their routes and freelancing. 

At times, White actually is overly patient and is prone to taking sacks when he should throw the football away or take the check down option. This is a dual-edged sword through, because for an offensive coordinator it's better to have a quarterback who thinks like White and has his inner calmness than someone who has a hard time maintaining composure in the pocket. He just can't take negative plays because it's a key criteria set forth by ASU coaches Todd Graham and offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey.

White doesn't have the quickness or agility of Wilkins or the overall speed and athleticism of Perkins. He won't be on par in the read option game to Wilkins, in particular, but he's a full service player in the ASU system who is probably more mobile than he's given credit for. 

Mechanically, White has impressive tools to work with and no real flaw with his footwork or delivery. He's got a better arm than Perkins and is probably about on par with Wilkins when it comes to throwing the ball down the field. I would go as far as to say that I like the way Wilkins and White make 30-plus yard throws better than former starter Mike Bercovici, who tended to throw the ball too flat, and Taylor Kelly, who had to really step into such throws. 

The biggest challenge for White will be to get the offense operating at the type of pace that Graham and Lindsey will want, and to do so without increasing the number of errors. Given Lindsey's background with a non-mobile quarterback, Perkins and White are probably a bit helped by the coordinator change when compared with Wilkins, as Norvell seemed a bit more reliant on the read option. That's somewhat of a hunch though that will have to be developed in time. 

White has worked on his intangibles and leadership skills this year and made it a focus of his development. How he manages the team on the field -- getting them lined up and functioning quickly and efficiently -- will go a large way in determining his success, along with whether he can avoid negative plays and turnovers.

Projected depth chart status: Our unofficial take is that White enters preseason camp perhaps slightly behind Wilkins and a little bit ahead of Perkins in the race to be the team's starting quarterback. But it's close enough that there could be reshuffling -- and perhaps even multiple times -- in the weeks to follow. 


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