Sam Jones, Kody Kohl lead ASU offense in 'W' tackling drill

For the second day in a row, ASU's 'W' tackling drill was open to the media and SunDevilSource has video of the drill.

Last week, Arizona State head coach Todd Graham said the Sun Devils are starting practice each day with a five-minute period dedicated to becoming more physical.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Sun Devils used the 'W' tackling drill during that period and the drill remained open to the media for viewing.

SunDevilSource filmed Wednesday's 'W' drill to provide additional perspective from the media viewing portion of practice and to give our audience a glimpse of how ASU conducts the drill.

There are three levels to the 'W' drill with offensive linemen battling defensive linemen, tight ends taking on defensive ends and linebackers, and wide receivers challenging cornerbacks and safeties in one-on-one blocking situations. Running backs serve as the ball carriers for the drill, with the objective to make it past all three levels of defenders by working off blocks in front of them.

Two of the most fundamentally sound blocks during Wednesday's drill came from sophomore left guard Sam Jones and senior tight end Kody Kohl.

On the first rep of our video, Jones engages junior defensive tackle Tashon Smallwood and clears a running lane for redshirt freshman back Nick Ralston. Smallwood eventually catches up to Ralston late in the drill, right after Ralston bulldozes through sophomore cornerback Kareem Orr. Later in the video, Kohl dominates freshman linebacker Malik Lawal, and clears a path for running back Jacom Brimhall

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