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Player Capsule: Robbie Robinson

The one high school defensive addition for Arizona State from the 2016 class who will definitely play in the team's opener against Northern Arizona is Robbie Robinson. Here's our take on the young cornerback.

Player Capsule: Robbie Robinson

Position: Cornerback

Eligibility: Freshman

Height: 5-foot-8

Weight: 172 pounds

2015 season quick review: Last season Robinson helped Dematha Catholic win a state championship in Maryland. analysis: Great cornerbacks tend to be supremely confident and fearless, with an ability to quickly forget a bad rep. They're also almost always some of the best athletes on the football field. Robinson fits that mold very obviously. He combines tremendous belief in himself and very impressive short-area quickness in a way that makes him a quality cornerback prospect. 

Robinson is one of the quickest players on the team. He has a great ability to change directions and accelerate in a way that allows him to close down daylight to get back in phase with wide receivers. His recovery ability is borderline elite and he has enough speed to carry receivers vertically with effectiveness as long as he's not severely beaten early in the rep. A hard-nosed player, Robinson is also going to drop his shoulders and be fearless as a tackler, and fight to get off blocks and hold his ground on the edge of the field. 

Long-term, the biggest limiting factor with Robinson long term is his height. There are very few 5-foot-8 cornerbacks who make it to the NFL. Even when playing in phase Robinson is going to be giving up seven or eight inches to a lot of taller wide receivers. There were at least a few times in camp in which Robinson was in ideal positions and yet the ball was thrown so perfectly that it was completed over the top of him. That's going to happen sometimes but be less of an issue in college football. 

Robinson's length could also present some challenges with handling blockers who are longer-limbed. It will make it tougher to get unblocked at times even though Robinson is well put together and a physical player. He has the quickness and moxie though to potentially be a quality player in college and it appears he'll get a chance to show that sooner than later. 

Projected depth chart status: Robinson has made the most of softness in the ASU depth chart at cornerback. His strong play in camp has led to an opportunity to be the first-team nickel corner and Robinson is a second-team cornerback on base downs who may be the first player off the bench at either cornerback spot. 

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