Spotlight video: 5-star OT Austin Jackson isolation clips

Here's a exclusive up close look at Austin Jackson, with many isolation clips from his team's recent win over Sierra Linda.

The state's top ranked 2017 prospect is 5-star North Canyon offensive tackle prospect Austin Jackson

During North Canyon's second game of the season, a win over Sierra Linda, was in attendance and shot exclusive isolation video of Jackson in action. 

Jackson is the No. 30 overall prospect in the class by, as well as the No. 6 offensive tackle prospect and No. 2 recruit at the position in the class. 

In this video, Jackson is wearing No. 77 in white. He even lines up and rushes for a touchdown on one play, which is a remarkable feat for a player 6-foot-5 and 275 pounds.

Austin Jackson quick evaluation

One of the best overall prospects to come out of Arizona in recent years, Jackson has terrific potential as an offensive tackle. Even so, in many ways remains relatively early in his development as a prospect. North Canyon's coaching has been limiting to a degree until this season and you see that with Jackson's skill development functionality in some respects. 

The athletic tools Jackson possesses for his frame are outstanding. He bends and moves so naturally for an offensive tackle, with cat-like quickness coming out of a stance and releasing toward range blocks at the linebacker level or even getting deeper down the field to the perimeter. He gets to spots on the field a lot quicker than other similarly sized players at the position. He was completely untested in this game from an athletic standpoint on the edge in pass pro, but he can get depth in a seemingly effortless way with his foot quickness. 

Jackson has a great motor. He plays to the end of the whistle on every play, which is of particular note considering he also lines up as a defensive end for North Canyon on a majority of downs. His conditioning is excellent for an offensive tackle and he genuinely cares about trying to put teammates in a position to be successful. This disposition leads to a lot of blocks at range that others wouldn't work to be in position for, much less have the athleticism to accomplish. 

Where Jackson needs a lot more work is with his overall strength, and with how he uses his hands and arms as a blocker. He doesn't stun or overwhelm defensive players with potency in quick combat situations. He isn't able to tap into power leverage in a way that syncs his upper and lower half and functionally takes advantage of his flexibility in a manner that torques defenders in the direction he wants them to go. His hand location as a blocker tends to be undisciplined and perhaps even uncertain from a technical standpoint. He doesn't finish blocks with a violent edge, which is partly because he's still early from a strength-building standpoint. 

The limitations can be viewed in two different ways. It represents how Jackson is just scratching the surface of his potential but also is an indication that he's probably going to take a year or two at the college level to add more strength and refine technique before he's ready to play. That's something that isn't expected with a lot of 5-stars, but shouldn't be limiting in terms of his overall long-term capability. 

Jackson is a borderline 5-star prospect. At maybe 6-foot-5 or just under he's probably an inch or two shorter than most elite recruits at the position projecting long-term, but has good arm length and the type of frame that will not be limiting at the college level. 

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