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Upon further review: ASU-Texas Tech

Our 'Upon Further Review' piece breaks down every individual play from ASU's 68-55 win over Texas Tech.

In this week's 'Upon Further Review' piece, SunDevilSource breaks down every individual play from Arizona State's 68-55 victory over Texas Tech and provides additional analysis on the Sun Devils' play-calling and personnel usage.

Each successful play for ASU is highlighted in green while each bad play for the Sun Devils is highlighted in red to provide additional context on each snap. 

Pre-snap shifts, motions and adjustments are all accounted for as each play is broken down from start to finish.

If you want to know why ASU succeeded on certain plays, or exactly what went wrong for the Sun Devils whether it be personnel errors, coverage breakdowns, or schematic faults, check out this week's 'Upon Further Review.'

Why did ASU succeed out of its Wildcat formation and what enabled junior running back Kalen Ballage's record-setting night?

How did junior center A.J. McCollum fare in his first start for the Sun Devils? 

Why did the Sun Devils bring more pressure in the second half against an Air Raid offense that has burned ASU's pressure schemes in the past? 

Answers to all of these questions and much more are available to SunDevilSource subscribers in the Devils' Sanctuary after each week in our 'Upon Further Review' piece. 

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