Camp Tontozona Recap – Coach Kevin Ramsey

ASU's cornerbacks coach talked about his unit and how it has been faring in the pre-season.

DevilsDigest: Coach, now that Camp Tontozona is in the books, how would you evaluate the collective performance of the team's cornerbacks?

Kevin Ramsey: "We had a lot of fun at camp. We had a lot of experienced guys, and they displayed the confidence that we wanted to see. We accomplished what we wanted, and that is to play combative on the back end."

DD: When you speak of talented experienced players, the first name to jump out is obviously R.J. Oliver. What makes him the great player he is?

KR: "He's real scrappy. He's a smart player that uses more than one tool in his toolbox. That's shows a lot of maturity."

DD: The position battle between Josh Golden and Manny Franklin is one of the more compelling stories going on these days. You must enjoy just sitting back and see who emerges the winner…

KR: "There's nothing like a good competition, and was tops it all is the relationship these guys have despite the competition. We just try to permeate that battle through out our entire defense."

DD: Contrary to earlier reports in the paper, it's clear that Mike Davis won't redshirt this year. Can you talk about the camp he had?

KR: "Mike is who he is. He plays with a lot of range, and he makes a lot of things happen. He's a young player that keeps on getting better and better as time goes by. People will see a lot from Mike in the near future."

DD: How does Chad Green's prospects look in regard to him redshirting or not?

KR: "Right now his attitude is great, and there's a possibility that he will redshirt."

DD: Chris McKenzie is currently going through the natural but painful learning curve as he makes his transition form JC to Division I. Are you pleased with his progress so far?

KR: "Oh yeah. With him it's like putting a hard round ball of bubble gum in his mouth. He has had a couple of weeks to chew on it and it's getting softer and softer. Pretty soon he'll be blowing bubbles here (smile)."

DD: What aspects of your group please you right now, and what issues still need to be straighten out between now and the season opener?

KR: "What pleases me now is that they're learning and paying attention to detail and the winning edges. What still has to be accomplished is to continue to strengthen our work with our eyes, hands, and feet."

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