Kohl finishing up dream of playing at Arizona State

Arizona State senior tight end Kody Kohl grew up a Sun Devils fan, and even though his final home game is around the corner, his dedication to the program remains as strong as ever.

The Sun Devil name means something different for every athlete that wears the name across the front of their jersey. For senior tight end Kody Kohl, the name holds legacy.

"I just love it here," Kohl said. "I've always loved playing at ASU, I've always wanted to be a Devil because my dad played here for a year and my brother played here for four years, so it means a lot."

Kohl has been a key contributor to the ASU offense since his redshirt sophomore season. Although there may still be some denial about the approaching senior day, he recognizes the end is near and he wouldn't trade the lessons coach Todd Graham and the program have taught him for anything.

"It hasn't really hit me that it's my last game at ASU," Kohl said. "I always feel like I'll be around for a long time watching the games, or hopefully I'll get invited to do the rock walk, or in the tunnel before the games or things like that. I think he (Graham) prepared me for my future also, not much can get more strict than that."

Kohl's relationships within the program are crucial to him as well as the coaching staff. Tight ends coach Delvaughn Alexander sees Kohl as an invaluable asset to not only the tight ends, but the offense as a whole.

"So as we do drills, he's the role model," Alexander said. "It's like, you hate to say it, but look at how Kody is doing it. That repetition over time is what has helped him and what he's trying to point out.

"Well you know he's soft spoken, so he's not going to say much. But I have addressed it in our meeting room how important it is and the role he plays and the commitment that he's had. And you hope that that torch is being passed because his time here is up, so we try to teach him to appreciate it."

This 2016 group of seniors includes members of the first class that Graham ever recruited to ASU making this week's senior day festivities likely more emotional than usual for a lot of people within the program. For Kohl, he just hopes the strong relationships carry on past his his final football season.

"My biggest worry is my friendships after this," Kohl said. "Like am I going to still have them? Am I going to see them? I mean, I see these guys every day, and I don't need to see them every day but I would like to see them on weekends and keep those relationships. I know a lot of people move away which'll be sad, but it's just kind of crazy, you make all these friends and all of a sudden it kind of disperses, so we'll see how it goes. I'm really excited, I mean it sucks that I'm going to be done but also it shows a success in my life, I'm on to the next chapter. It's a bittersweet feeling."

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