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Upon further review: ASU-Utah

Our 'Upon further review' piece breaks down every individual play from Arizona State's 49-26 loss to Utah on Thursday night.

In this week's 'Upon further review,' SunDevilSource breaks down every individual play from Arizona State's 49-26 loss to the Utah Utes and provides additional analysis on the Sun Devils' play-calling and personnel usage.

Each successful play for ASU is highlighted in green while each bad play for the Sun Devils is highlighted in red to provide additional context on each snap. 

If you want detailed breakdowns of sophomore quarterback Manny Wilkins' two costly interceptions, what defensive miscues enabled Utah's most explosive offensive plays, and how ASU's more conservative defensive approach played out over the course of an entire game, this week's 'Upon further review' piece will provide you with a comprehensive look at Thursday's game that takes you inside each individual play. 

What formation did ASU use on Wilkins' first interception that hinted the Sun Devils would target sophomore tight end JayJay Wilson in the passing game and how did Wilkins' late reaction to ASU's route combination impact the timing of the play?

What critical coverage mistakes by ASU cornerbacks Kareem Orr and De'Chavon Hayes led to touchdown passes for Utah quarterback Troy Williams?

What blocking assignments did ASU offensive linemen fail to meet throughout the night that led to Utes' domination at the line of scrimmage? 

Answers to all of these key questions and more are available to SunDevilSource subscribers in the Devils' Sanctuary each week in our 'Upon further review' piece.

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