20 Questions For Andrew Walter

What can one ask of the ASU star that has not been asked already? Well, DevilsDigest took a stab at asking the Sun Devil quarterback some of the more unconventional questions he will hear this season.

1. If you had a dollar for each time you were called "Walters", how rich would you be right now?

AW: "A millionaire."

2. How many times a day do you get stopped by strangers on campus?

AW: "On average at least once a day."

3. What's the best and worst class you've taken at ASU?

AW: "Best – was the Beatles. Worst – Macroeconomics."

4. What's the weirdest item or body part you've ever autographed?

AW: "Probably a fore arm."

5. What would be your perfect meal?

AW: "Filet Minion, Mashed Potatoes, with a nice side salad with Italian Dressing."

6. If you ended up on a deserted island, which CD and book would you want to have with you?

AW: "CD – Beatles No.1 hits. Book – Let Freedom Ring by Sean Hanady."

7. Which three people, dead or alive, would you want to have dinner with?

AW: "Jesus, Thomas Jefferson, and Joe Montana."

8. What's your biggest fear?

AW: "Fear of heights."

9. What's the single most thing you're proud about?

AW: "Remaining the same person through all this."

10. What's your biggest regret in life?

AW: "I don't have any regrets, because everything that happened in my past has made me who I am now."

11. What's your biggest pet peeve?

AW: "On the field guys not knowing assignments. Off the field are bad drivers (smile)."

12. How easily can you make Coach Koetter mad?

AW: "Real easy sometimes. Make the wrong read, and he's mad (smile)."

13. Who's the funniest person on the team?

AW: "Drew Hodgdon."

14. How often do you play yourself on Play Station?

AW: "I play myself every time. I still try to go through my reads and throw it to the right place (smile)."

15. Ever forget the play by the time you got to the huddle?

AW: "Actually yes. But I would look at the sideline to get the play, so I make sure I don't call the wrong play in the huddle."

16. Which superpower would you want to have the most: being invisible, strength of a thousand men, or the ability to read everyone's minds?

AW: "Read people's minds. You don't need to be invisible or strong when you can read their minds, you can react before they act."

17. Is this the year that you score your first ever rushing touchdown?

AW: "I had one called back my freshman year. We'll see if there's any QB sneaks in there this year, probably not (smile)."

18. Ginger or Mary Ann? AW: "Ginger."

19. What's the most stupid question you've been asked by a media member?

AW: "Most stupid question? Well, I've been misquoted once. Someone said I thought I deserved all the attention I'm getting. That's the dumbest thing, because that's not me."

20. What's the best part of being Andrew Walter?

AW: "I have a great family, great support staff, and I'm in the position I always wanted to be in."

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