High Expectations Make Fan Photo Day a Success

It has been over five years since ASU football has received this degree pre-season hype. True to form, the maroon and gold faithful showed up in droves to the team's Fan Photo Day, creating lines reminiscent of the gas shortage last week. DevilsDigest took a random poll of fans' opinions on ASU's 2003 season prospects, as well as Andrew Walter's chances of becoming a Heisman finalist.

Paul from Tempe:

"I see big things ahead. I think they are very competitive. I like their offensive line they have, especially number 76 a freshman coming from Corona Del Sol. They need to play him a lot because he rules. He is a family member (smile)…I would say they will be 10-2. If Andrew Walter stays healthy there is no reason why he wouldn't be a Heisman finalist. If he stays healthy with Koetter's offense he'll have huge numbers."

Cole from Phoenix:

"We are going to be at least third place in the Pac-10. I think our secondary is better than anyone else's in the Pac-10. On Offense, I think without Shaun McDonald we will spread out the ball more. I am predicting a 9-3 season…I think Andrew Walter will be a Heisman finalist if not this year than next year. I do think he'll stay next year."

Thom from Tempe:

"I think we'll be no less than probably 10-2. I think we are looking at a Pac-10 championship. I think Andrew Walter will absolutely be a Heisman finalist this year. He has his head on his shoulders; he has the system, the players all around him. You need all of those things to be a finalist and he carries all three in the program."

Carl from Mesa:

"I think 9-3 is a conservative guess and if we can get through the first four games, especially Iowa and Oregon State I think we are looking at something really special at that point – probably 10-2. It is going to come down to the Iowa game setting the stage for the Oregon State game. If we can stop Oregon State on the ground, they are not going to win on the arm of their quarterback. I don't know if Walter is going to be a Heisman finalist. I think it is too wild of a prediction to make right now. If there is a balanced attack and we are getting almost 100 yards rushing a game, Andrew will look really good, but if we are riding his arm again like last year, we are going to struggle at times."

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