Getting to know: Kyle Soelle

Arizona State signee Kyle Soelle grew up a Sun Devils fan and has been solidly committed to the program since June.

Name: Kyle Soelle

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

School: Saguaro

Position: Devil backer 

Height: 6-foot-3

Weight: 210 pounds

Favorite food: Chinese food, specifically chicken and rice

Favorite drink: Water or blue Powerade

Favorite movie: Step Brothers

Favorite T.V. show: Tosh.O

Favorite type of music: Rap

Favorite artist: Kendrick Lamar

Favorite female celebrity: Candice Swanepoel

Favorite NFL player: "Vic Beasley. He was an undersized defensive end at Clemson and I feel like I play a lot like him." 

Favorite hobby: Video games

Favorite sports memory: "I wasn't part of Saguaro's four year reign, so transferring to Saguaro would be my favorite and winning the state championship my senior year."

On when he knew he was good enough to play at the next level: "My offseason going into my junior year, I just worked really hard and I knew I was Division I bound. I really worked my tail off that offseason. I just knew and my sophomore year, I wasn't like a stud Varsity player, but I started all games as a sophomore and I told myself that if I put on weight and added size that offseason, I would be good."

On moving to ASU and being on his own: "I'm honestly just going to focus on balancing schoolwork and sports. Really, time management is going to be what I work on the most. Because I find that I don't manage my time at school as well as I could, I do a bunch of stuff in the spare time and I could be doing more schoolwork and getting ahead."

Why ASU: "I really like, ever since the official, I really got along with all of the players, I really liked how all of them are. I grew up here so it's home, I was always a fan of ASU, ever since I was born I was an ASU fan. And not only the football, they have a good business school at W.P. Carey and I really just connected with a lot of the players. I love them all, Tyler Whiley, my host Jack, I just connected with a lot of the players."

On being apart of the strong local class: "It's cool to know some guys are going to work hard when they get over there with you and they're going to experience things with you and we have the bond and the connection from high school. It's going to mean something to work alongside those guys."

On how he's approaching his first season: "I'm just going to approach it by just working hard every day this spring and then the summer, just doing the best I can to get my body ready and my conditioning and everything and taking it from there. I guess that's all I can do."

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