Getting to know: Trelon Smith

Arizona State running back signee Trelon Smith told SunDevilSource he knew even before he got to high school that he would be able to achieve his dream of playing at the next level.

Name: Trelon Smith

Hometown: Houston, Texas

School: Cypress Ridge

Position: Running back

Height: 5-foot-10

Weight: 185 pounds

Scout ranking: No. 36 running back nationally, No. 6 running back in the state of Texas

Scholarship offers: Cincinnati, Duke, Illinois, Purdue, SMU, Tulsa among others 

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite movie: Fast and Furious Seven

Favorite drink: Minute Maid Fruit Punch

Favorite music: Hip hop

Favorite artist: Lil Wayne

Favorite female celebrity: Lauren London

Favorite NFL player: Adrian Peterson

Favorite hobby: Paintball

Role model: "I have two actually, the first one is my father, and the second one is Floyd Mayweather. My father because he's just throughout my life, he's been there for me and my family, he's taught me how to raise a family when I grow up. Floyd Mayweather because he's dedicated to his sport, he works hard for what he's got and he's the best in the business. He's proved it in the ring and outside the ring." 

Favorite sports memory: "I'd have to say we were playing against South Ranch in the fourth quarter with like two minutes left and the coach, Coach T, they called a trick play. We always ran it in practice but we never ran it in a real game. It was fourth down, like two minutes left, fourth down and eight. So I run out there, my quarterback calls the play, and everybody's looking around like, we're really going to do this. So we're like, let's do this. Everybody runs to the line. The play was, our quarterback drops back, and when he drops back, our receiver that's committed to Tulane, he runs like a five-yard stop route, and as soon as he caught it, he pitched it to me. I was coming around the corner looking for the ball and he was supposed to pitch it to me, and we didn't think it was going to work, but man, it worked. We scored and tied the game up with like one minute left to go. We ended up losing and they made a field goal and beat us by three points."

First time he knew he could play at the next level: "Me personally, I've been playing football since I was six years old. I want to say that I realized I was finally good enough to play in college going into, after my seventh grade year, going into my eighth grade year. I was just dominating every team and bigger, faster, stronger than everybody and that really motivated me. I just carried it onto high school and that worked out for me."

On moving away from home to go to ASU: "In my family, we talk about this all the time. I'm ready. I actually have a brother who's down there now. He transferred from Stephen F. Austin so it'll be me and him down there. So I think I'll be good."

Why ASU: "I picked ASU because of the program itself. It's a good school for academics and also a good athletic school and I talked to coach Graham and he said he was going to make me a better person spiritually, mentally and physically and he told me if you're ready to be successful, then this is the place for you. I really felt that and just the players themselves, the football players treat everyone the same and once you're there, you're part of a brotherhood and that's what I really like about Arizona State." 

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