Manny Wilkins moving on from injury-plagued 2016 season

He's added size and strength and working on being better at avoiding situations that could lead to injury this spring. Manny Wilkins believes last year's experiences are only going to benefit him in his career as a quarterback.

It could have been easy to lose track of how many injuries Manny Wilkins had last year. He's not interested in revisiting it, however. 

"Whatever they disclosed," Wilkins said, when asked about the assortment of aches and pains he dealt with last last season. "I don't know."

Though he played in 10 of Arizona State's 12 games in 2016, Wilkins was banged up for at least two months of the season. An ankle injury suffered at USC on Oct. 1 was followed by toe and shoulder problems that were limiting or even kept him off the field in subsequent weeks. 

The Sun Devils were 4-0 when Wilkins got legitimately injured for the first time, and their season went downhill from there. They lost to the Trojans after Wilkins was knocked out, and only won once more the rest of the season. 

"Obviously getting injured last year sucked but it's part of the journey, it's part of the road that I'm on," Wilkins said. "I wouldn't trade it for anything else." 

Part of the experience is learning how to come back from injuries, even how to play went hurt. It's all experience that Wilkins believes will be beneficial as he moves into 2017 feeling totally healthy in spring football which started this week.

Wilkins, who completed 197 of 311 pass attempts last year with 12 touchdowns and nine interceptions, is now focused on what he can do to elevate his game and win the starting nod again this year.  

"I think getting injured, the most negative thing about it, is when they tell you you're okay, mentally you don't know if you're okay or not because something feels different or the way you're playing is different," Wilkins said. "It's about all about taking it day by day, taking baby steps, and when something comes, just attack it."

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