Barnett getting acclimated at Arizona State

Before being able to emerge as Arizona State's next quarterback, Blake Barnett has to learn the offense and get to know his new coordinator and teammates. That process is well underway.

Blake Barnett is back on the practice field and enjoying it. 

Two practices into Arizona State's spring football schedule, the program's lone former five-star recruit is adjusting to his new surroundings. That comes before trying to win a starting quarterback job. 

"I think they're going really well, actually," Barnett said. "I was kind of anxious coming into spring ball, going through the winter workouts, not really sure how things were going to be when we got on the field. But, getting more comfortable, getting to know the teammates. I've been bonding with them for some time now. But to be able to bond with them on the field is a big transition and it's been exciting for me and a good learning experience and I've really enjoyed it."

Forming good chemistry on the field is different than doing it in other settings, such as in the weight room. It's now about understanding how receivers run routes, learning the offense, being receptive to coaching and constructive criticism. 

"We're still learning about each other," Barnett said. "In the winter workouts we got to know about each other as people and there's still a learning curve going on as far as how they are on the field, how people react to different leadership, how people communicate. It's still learning but it's good because it's bonding."

One thing is for sure: Barnett is glad for the on-field time to have started. It's why players slog through the tough winter strength program, or the intense conditioning of the summer schedule that follows spring football. 

"Those workouts aren't easy so you get to bond with people when they are at their lowest, when they are exhausted and can barely talk," Barnett said. "You say that one word or they say something to you. You really get to know them as people and being able to go off the field with them and just hang out and be teammates. It's been a really great transition and I'm having a great time doing it."

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