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Recruits give glowing Arizona State Junior Day reviews

Arizona State hosted roughly 50 recruits on Saturday for its biggest Junior Day event so far this year. Here's what more than a dozen of the attendees had to say about the experience.

"I absolutely loved the culture of the school and what coach (Todd) Graham is instilling in the program! The philosophy and discipline is exactly the type of coach I expected myself playing under in college. I loved the way coach (Keith) Patterson coached linebackers and I really thought I would fit his type of coaching well! The new facilities are going to absolutely be amazing so hopefully I can come down in July when they are finished. Coach (Billy) Napier and coach Patterson are both coming to Mission Viejo in the spring to watch our spring ball to see me move around and we will see where it goes from there but I am very very interested in ASU."

"I had a great time. I loved the way they ran practice and the whole atmosphere. I got an opportunity to talk to Coach (John) Simon and he gave me some great advice on being a student of the game and taking things from other players. The campus and stadium are awesome. I could really see myself going there if I was lucky enough to be offered. Coach Simon wants me to come back for their camp in the summer so I'm going to try hard to make that happen."

"I thought it was amazing! Loved every bit of it. Everything new that's going on with the stadium and really like how they broke it down into statistics on how successful the University is and how important academics are. Along with that I really liked how they have academic coaches for the athletes. Watching [OL coach Rob Sale] in action was awesome and the intensity he puts into coaching got me going. Coach Sale seems like a down to earth kind of guy."

"Such a great experience, really clicked with Coach (Michael) Slater and Coach (T.J.) Rushing, enjoyed listening to Coach Graham's philosophy as well. Just a high motor, up tempo staff and loved every minute I got with them. Coach Slater's coaching style is based on effort, you can't become a starter and become stagnant, every day guys are biting at the heels for the starting position, and if that day they're performing better than the starter, then they start, no one stays in the same spot, you're either getting better or worse."

"I loved it , I loved the facilities. I liked it a lot (overall) and I see a lot of opportunities there."

"I loved it! The atmosphere, the people, the coaching staff. I'm really happy with Coach Graham's ethic and morals. I like the fact that he keeps his faith first. And the emphasis and importance they put on grades and school!"

"I really enjoyed it. It was fun. It was good to see former teammates and brothers for life out there, like Corey Stephens (a 2017 ASU signee). ASU is a really good campus and I really think they have something special going on there. It's really cool and I think things are going to blow up soon there. Their new facilities are great and I'm excited to see some of my former teammates do big things there."

"It was great! I loved everything about the school before and yesterday just opened my eyes a little bit more. I had a great time and the coaches were awesome. I loved getting to watch the practice and how everyone worked together as a family. The spirit on the field was incredible. I also loved the hospitality of all of the coaches and the time they took to really tell us about who they were. There wasn't anything I didn't like really!"

"It was great! Got to meet the coaches on a personal level which was awesome! I felt like I was part of the program already as they showed us the campus and all the rooms for football. I'm also pumped to see their new facility coming this summer which brings a lot of attention to their program."

"Junior day ASU was a great experience being able to see how the coaches run practice with high tempo and to see all the facilities as well as the new facility going up was very impressive."

"I loved it. It was great. Such a great school. I liked how the coaches talked about how they don't only want us to be champions on the field but in life. Loved everything about yesterday to be honest."

"What I liked most about that day was I saw how much effort they put into the players, not only on the field, but in classrooms to help them become successful in our future besides football. I honestly didn't see anything that I didn't like. I enjoyed the coaching staff they had they and the way they managed their team. Watching the D-line I thought was great because it showed me the difference between high school and college level ball. I have a lot to work on and watching them showed me I can only get better. I also saw, by watching them I saw everything was much faster and I need to play at a college level while I'm still in high school to be even more dominant."

"Junior day was a great experience. Being able to be at practice was great because we got to be right on the sidelines with all the players and watch our individual position and see the different coaches. ASU has a great atmosphere and Tempe is a great place to be. ASU has always been home to me as I grew up going to all the games. Looking forward to spending more time down there!"

"It was great. The coaches were very nice and the campus was beautiful. The plans for the stadium were very impressive. [Everything] went well, I learned a lot about the school and a lot on the recruiting process."

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