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Player capsule: Alex Losoya

Alex Losoya agreed to join the Arizona State program almost exactly a year ago. How has he developed since then, and what are his prospects for playing action? We examine those things and more here.

Player Capsule: Alex Losoya

Position: Offensive Lineman

Eligibility: Junior

Height: 6-foot-3

Weight: 294 pounds

2016 season quick review: Losoya was credited by Arizona State as playing in two games as a reserve guard despite having a redshirt year available. analysis: After missing on their scholarship target in the run up to signing day, the Sun Devils added Losoya almost exactly a year ago as a four years to play three player. Losoya was a qualifier out of Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California, but didn't have scholarship offers and went to nearby Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, where he was coached by former Los Angeles Rams six-time NFL pro-bowl center Doug Smith. 

If Losoya had stayed another year at OCC, he likely would have been one of the most in-demand junior college guard prospects in the West in the following class. Even so, Losoya had plenty of opportunities and visited Arkansas and Auburn before committing to the Sun Devils. 

A pure guard who plays with a underpinning of aggression, the 6-foot-4, 295 pound Losoya is at his best in space. He works to the second level and perimeter well when unimpeded, and hunts smaller defenders in space on the move, using good technique and timing when getting off his feet to finish these plays.

In order to move up the depth chart, Losoya will have to further refine his technique in close combat situations and how he enters reps. His sets up a little high and is a bit tight through the trunk, but the quickness and anticipation that allowed him to excel at the junior college level is better matched by peers in the Pac-12. He's inconsistent with his hand placement as a blocker and tends to want to wrestle linemen a bit much outside of the framework instead of focusing on good leveraging techniques.

Losoya remains active through engagement and this is where the chip on his shoulder that he plays with really shows up. When he's in good position, he latches on and finishes blocks effectively. The challenge is getting to that position more consistently. 

Even though he has good visual awareness and does reasonable well with cross-face blocks, at times Losoya can can be susceptible to speed attacks in his gap via stunts and linebacker pops. But he has decent strength and tends to not get jostled around or disengaged. He has the right attitude but is just too imprecise still and needs to become more of a technician of the game to elevate his play to starter level. 

Projected depth chart status: Losoya is several spots removed from a starting guard position and is working to show the skill development that would help him climb up to be in contention for playing action. 

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