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Some prospects of note at Arizona State's Maroon and Gold Camp

Some younger prospects really caught our eye at Arizona State's recent one day camp, and two older high school players were offered scholarships by the Sun Devils after their performances.

Arizona State offered two prospects following its Maroon and Gold Camp on Sunday in Tempe, which included separate sessions for younger (2020 and 2021) and older (2019 and 2018) prospects. Here's a look at the two recruits who received scholarships, Hamilton High School senior offensive lineman Hunter Mayginnes and Higley junior athlete Ty Robinson, and a number of other participants at the event. 

Joey Ramos (2018) -- A Deer Valley offensive lineman with a longstanding ASU offer who worked at left tackle. He was the most skilled of the offensive linemen, very poised in his pass pro. The way he moves reminds me of a bigger version of Tyler Sulka who was a starting right tackle at ASU. Ramos is a more developed version of that earlier on, probably can play right tackle at ASU, still might be better suited for guard even though he's now 6-foot-4 and a half. 

Hunter Mayginnes (2018) -- A Hamilton offensive lineman was just offered by ASU. We wrote about him last Monday after a strong performance at ASU's big man challenge and he followed it up successfully on Sunday. He's a very large man, 6-foot-5 and a half and 325 pounds with platinum blonde hair, looking like a big Nordic guy you'd see on a World's Strongest Man competitions on ESPN. He carries his weight well for 325 pounds but you'd want him lighter on the edge. Better foot quickness than expected even though it's overly choppy and will need some additional re-working. You can think of him as a (ASU starting right tackle) Quinn Bailey type, someone you'd probably rather have playing guard but might need at tackle. 

Manny Orona (2018) -- A Glendale Community College (JUCOs can participate though almost none were there this year, some more have participated in the past) lineman who is 6-foot-3, 295 pounds. Plays left tackle at Glendale, is an interior prospect projecting forward. Orona is compact with good in rep posture and clearly further along than others in this setting from a technical standpoint. Memphis has offered. I think he's borderline Pac-12 but have to go watch his film more closely.

Noah Nelson (2020) -- A Williams Field rising sophomore is at least 6-6 and reportedly 260 pounds. ASU offensive line coach Rob Sale was closely working with him in the early session. Nelson is still very lean with good leg thickness and a nice foundation. He's never played varsity football and is still very early in learning the position. He was out of his element in this setting in one-on-ones, impatient and trying to initiate the action in a way that simply doesn't work as a pass protector. ASU offered Nelson a scholarship just based on potential. It's as undeveloped a football prospect as I've seen ASU offer, a sure sign of its desire to get out in front in local recruiting. ASU's offered a bunch of local 2019s and 2020s at this point. 

Jozia Myers (2018) -- Campo Verde's top lineman deserves mention because he's a Division I offensive line prospect who is getting under-recruited and looked good in this setting. I believe his lone offer is Adams State. He is about 6-4 and 285 pounds, well composed physically. I'd like to see better knee flexion and overall posture but think it's something he can work on. His mobility and activity level is good, light on his feet for his size, quick hands. I watched his film quickly and he has played some center. This is guy who at minimum should be getting Mountain West offers. 

Benjamin Roy (2021) -- A Desert Edge incoming freshman, Nelson was the second guy after Nelson I noticed among the young linemen. He's not as big-framed but further along from a skill standpoint, a guy who could be a rare four-year high school varsity starter. 

Ty Robinson (2019) -- The Highly athlete worked at defensive end here and was offered by ASU as an athlete. He's around 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds, a frame that will support moving up to offensive tackle if he and/or colleges wanted him to go that route and we'll have to see how his body evolves in the next couple years. Higher hips, linear build but wide enough to support the weight. Robinson can also play tight end. Rob Sale spent time talking with him before the session and I'm sure wouldn't mind seeing him move up to offensive tackle. Bends and moves well for his size but I didn't see the twitchiness of an elite defensive prospect. 

Shomari Hayes (2018) -- The Mountain Pointe defensive tackle prospect really caught my attention. He was probably better than anyone else at the camp relative to my expectations (among guys I knew about going in). He's 6-foot-3, 290 pounds, very good combination of initial quickness getting off the ball and natural power. He was the hardest guy for offensive linemen to handle in this camp. Kevin said that Hayes was kind of like a Will Sutton type player and I would say that was reasonable, a middle class version of a Sutton type guy. Hayes told me he's working in summer school on improving his academic profile and Fresno State is his lone offer. I watched the film and consider Hayes to be above the Pac-12 threshold. If his academics are in order, he should be getting higher level recruitment. 

Chris Manoa (2018) -- Chandler defensive tackle was better here than in passing league big man competition. It's still not really his strength as player style wise but Manoa has a good unbalancing grab and displace move that he used well. I'm not sold on him as a Pac-12 prospect yet though he has plenty of size and strength, well over 300 pounds on a compact 6-foot-0ish frame. I want to see more about how he uses his feet and the type of power he continues to develop in his base. 

Kai Golden (2018) -- Tucson Mountain View kid was competing for an ASU offer. He's a fence line power 5 prospect, carries his size just okay for a 6-foot-3 290-pounder, a little more around the middle and a little less through the legs than you'd want, a bit high waisted for the position but with good quickness. Sort of like a (starting ASU defensive tackle) Tashon Smallwood type player but a few inches taller. Didn't get an offer from ASU out of this camp but still has time.

James Sosinski (2018) -- I did a double take when I saw him initially because he's the former Hamilton High quarterback who signed with UMASS in 2016 (at least I thought he did) but then went to South Mountain Community College to play basketball where he was getting some good looks and even a few offers as a 6-foot-6 forward. Now he was working out at ASU as a tight end, so it's been all over the place, but Sosinski actually looked pretty darn good. He was one of the best pass catchers in attendance, had burst after the catch, made pretty good work transitioning routes. If he had been playing tight end all along, I'm sure he would have had good scholarship offers. Whether it's too late or not now is hard to say. 

Varnay Larson (2020) -- The Tucson Mountain View running back is short and stocky, strongly put together at 5-foot-7 and 175 or so pounds. He's physically mature for his age but showed good movement skills and I'm sure will be a Division I recruit in the coming years. 

Lance Lawson (2018) -- Just want to mention him because the Red Mountain running back one of the most enjoyable high school players to watch in the valley and if I was coaching at the FCS level he'd be one of my top targets. NAU should be all over Lawson. 

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