Player capsule: Emanuel Dayries

Emanuel Dayries is entering his fourth year with the Sun Devils and is a depth option at defensive tackle.

Player Capsule: Emanuel Dayries

Position: Defensive Tackle

Eligibility: Junior

Height: 6-foot-3

Weight: 308 pounds

2016 season quick review: A deep reserve at defensive tackle, Dayries didn't play a role as a sophomore. analysis: In 2014 as a true freshman out of O. Perry Walker High School in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dayries played late in the season when Arizona State had a rash of injuries along its defensive line. Though he played a limited role, Dayries' redshirt was burned, and so he ended up redshirting the following season, in 2015. 

Last season, Dayries was the sixth defensive tackle and the group stayed healthy throughout the season, so he didn't see the field. 

A pure nose tackle in the ASU scheme, Dayries has some athletic limitations which decrease his margin for error and require a higher level of technical proficiency than his peers. ASU was the only Power 5 conference program to offer Dayries a scholarship, which came late in the recruiting cycle. In order to move up the depth chart he has to become extremely skilled given that he's not as naturally gifted as his peers.

Dayries tends to do a pretty fair job of hanging in and not getting run off the ball. He can square off the line of scrimmage to a decent degree, with a stocky build and respectable strength in his lower half. That's a solid start, but there's a wide gap between that and being able to collapse the pocket, or exploit a gap and make plays. Dayries still hasn't shown those capabilities and until he does, he's unlikely to move up into a playing role. 

The off-season will be about adding more power and trying to squeeze every bit of explosiveness out of his body that Dayries can mange. If he can continue to make progress there, and hone more advanced techniques while becoming better at reading situations and acting accordingly, he may be able to become a rotational player. 

Projected depth chart status: Entering the summer, George Lea and Jordan Hoyt are ahead of Dayries at nose tackle, and Renell Wren has the ability to slide over and play the position as well, with greater physical potential. It's going to be tough for Dayries to move up into the two-deep, as he'll have to be one of the more improved players on the roster this year to earn that type of role. 

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