Players' Post Game Quotes

Quarterback Andrew Walter and some of his teammates talk about the 26-16 win over Utah State.

The junior signal caller didn't think that the Aggies showed any unexpected defensive alignments that threw the ASU offense off track. "They did a good job," said Walter. "They had funky personnel with their defense, but they played the same scheme just with different personnel groups. It didn't change anything for us, because we played the scheme." Walter blamed the offensive woes on himself and his comrades. "It was totally on us. Not them or anything they were doing. You have to give them some credit, but if we finish drives the game is over a lot sooner."

When asked about in specific about which miscues hampered the team, he replied: "Turnovers. Being lackadaisical. Little things like throwing the ball, making a catch, making a block," exclaimed Walter. "That was the problem – little things that added up. We don't even do those in practice. I thought we started well. Our intensity was good. It was like two different games first half and second half. It was probably the longest game I had ever seen. It just seem like we couldn't sustain it."

The Utah State game marked the second time in a row where the quarterback fumbled his exchange with his center. Walter said that this is more of a coincidence rather than a disturbing trend. "We don't even fumble in practice," he said. "So I don't know why come game time we do. Today was a miscommunication. He (center Drew Hodgdon) was making calls at the line and I was ready to go. A little bit (of blame) on both of us. It seems like bad luck the way it worked out, but I'm not worried about it."

Walter gave his defense much credit, and said: "They were on the field way too much, and some of it is on us (offense). We have to help them out." He expects an "ugly" film session, but a victory was accomplished and now he's looking forward to the road game against the Hawkeyes. "We have to clean it up going into there. Iowa has a (home) 20-win game streak. They'll have 60,000 in their place so it will be rocking and rolling. We have to rise to the occasion and do better than we did today." Walter stated that the importance of the game isn't enough to define the season or the team. "We still have a lot of a football left. But it's definitely a critical game."

Wide receiver Skyler Fulton had a career day on Saturday night, but his mind after the game was on other pressing issues. "I'm worried about getting wins and getting better," said Fulton. "We'll get back on Tuesday and get back to the basics. Cover the ball better in traffic, catching the ball – I dropped the ball tonight, blocking the right guy..." The senior added that he was pleased with the intensity but not the mistakes. Nevertheless he said: "It's something that we can correct."

Fulton admitted that it was good getting Daryl Lightfoot back in the fold because he drew the coverage away from him. However he doesn't see that factor as the main contributor to his production last night. "There wasn't a big difference between last game and this one," he said. "He (Andrew) saw me this week, but we're deep at receiver. He saw Moey (Mutz) last week…and next week it will be Lightfoot or (Derek) Hagan. It can be a different guy every week."

"We hold ourselves to the highest standard," continued Fulton. "And it's frustrating to us. You have to win, and we did it. But we know we have to get a lot better, and we'll start on Tuesday…we're pumped for Iowa. We know we have to improve a lot playing on the road, that's a big game but we'll be ready."

Defensive tackle Brian Montesanto recorded his first ever multi sack game as a Sun Devil with a pair. The senior was very complimentary of his opponent. "I got to give it to Utah State," he said. "They competed. They didn't roll over; they came looking for a win. That's what we got to expect." The ASU defense combined for seven sacks, and for Montesanto that's welcomed progress. "Every game is all about improvement. We improved from last week, and we'll improve this week. A win is a win, and everybody is excited about it." Looking forward to Iowa he stated that the game is a very significant one. "We're gonna need to play as a unit on offense and defense. We didn't do that today, and we have to be ready to do it next week."

Fellow lineman Jimmy Verdon had a career high in both tackles (nine) and sacks in one game (three). The junior chose not to fret on the miscues, but rather acknowledge the bigger picture. "Everybody made mistakes," said Verdon. "We just have to go out and correct them. I rather be 2-0 and play bad, than play well and be 0-2. We're taking little steps. Today was a step and we looked better than last week."

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