Sun Devils Entertain Lee Cummard and Mo Camara

Last weekend ASU welcomed two of its most coveted recruits in the 2004 class. Local Mesa High School standout Lee Cummard ranked among the best wing players on the west coast, and Mohamed "Mo" Camara a center from Riverside (CA) Community College. DevilsDigest talked to the two during their official visit.

Camara, listed at 6-11 255, hails from the Western African country of Guinea. He has been playing basketball just under five years. After playing one season in high school in Louisville, KY (his cousin Jules was a University of Kentucky basketball standout), he elected to play his College ball at Riverside. Thus, he has schools from both the East Coast and the West vying for his services. "ASU, San Diego State, and St. John's - these are the only schools I'm looking at," Camara told DevilsDigest. "I already visited San Diego State, and I'm going to St. John's on October 11th." The center indicated that he plans to sign in April rather than November.

When asked about his visit to Tempe, Camara was all smiles. "It's going very well so far," he said. "I saw the campus and the institute. They're treating me very good, and I feel comfortable here." Coach Evans has always tried to instill a sense of family in his team, and that fact has definitely made an impact on the Riverside star. "Family is everything to me, and I feel like family here at Arizona State. I got Ike (Diogu) here, I got Serge (Angounou) here, I got Will (Fameni) here. They are just like family to me." It should be noted that the later two players, just like Camara, are African natives.

The book on Camara is that his defensive skills are far more superior to his offensive ones. He reportedly averaged ten rebounds, and four blocked shots a game in his first season at Riverside. In a DevilsDigest interview earlier this summer, Riverside coach Bob Russo had the following to say about Camara: "He's a bit robotic because he just doesn't have that natural feel yet. But some days he'll do some things that make you say, ‘Wow he's coming along.' But overall, at any level he can probably get 10 rebounds a game, he changes and blocks shots and he'll be a good player. He's pretty athletic (for his height) and he's really, really strong."

Camara said that the language barrier (from French to English) has been the biggest obstacle so far in his transition living in the United States. If he were to make Tempe his Division I destination, he already realizes his role "When I play I don't look for myself. If I come here, I'll feed Ike the ball (smile)."

The recruiting frenzy over the 6-6 175 Lee Cummard has really noticeably picked up in the summer. However, Arizona State has been courting this local star many months prior. Cummard acknowledged that fact as being a factor in his ultimate decision, and said that playing at ASU would have its benefits. "It would be nice to stay home. Family is important."

The wing player plays the game with much passion, which complements his athleticism and shooting ability. He lists his strengths as his court vision and passing, but he admits that he needs to get into the weight room to bulk up.

On his visit to Tempe he said: "It's going great. I like spending time with the guys and I'm having fun. I got to see a couple of new things on my visit, but I kinda knew what I was in for." Cummard takes all the recruiting attention is stride, and stated that: "It's a challenge, and I don't like to disappoint." However, he did re-affirm that he would only choose between two schools Arizona State and BYU. "It's still wide open. My season starts in November, and I think I'll make a decision in by the end of October."

Since Cummard plans on going on a two-year mission after high school, he would be considered a 2006 signee.

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