Cummard Still Struggling With Decision

One of the best high school basketball players on the West Coast, Lee Cummard of Mesa high school in Mesa, Arizona is in the final stages of his college recruitment, with only two universities left in the running. Find out which schools are still vying for his services and where the situation stands as of now in this exclusive DevilsDigest interview with Cummard.

"It's going to be a tough decision," Lee Cummard says of his choice between BYU and Arizona State. "I made a list (of all the pros and cons) but I don't have it here in front of me right now. Basically it's just going to be a gut feeling, whatever I just feel is best." analysts Greg Hicks and Tracy Pierson have Cummard ranked at the #1 shooting guard prospect on the West Coast, and he is unquestionably the best college basketball prospect from the state of Arizona likely to gain initial eligibility from the 2004 class.

What is interesting to note is that now, for the first time in quite a while, Cummard is willing to address the possibility of his accepting that initial eligibility and playing for at least year in college before going on an LDS church mission. "I'm really considering doing [a year in college first]," Cummard says. "I still plan on taking [a mission] but it's just not for sure that I'll go right [after high school] now. We're still trying to decide on that."

For a relatively short period of time, Cummard was considering schools other than Arizona State and BYU. UCLA, Oregon, and Oregon State had each recruited him to various degrees and Cummard gave some limited thought to those options, before coming back to his original predicament.

"I don't know, it's going to be tough," he says again, almost to himself. "I'll probably decide in a couple weeks, maybe a week and a half." When asked if there will be a press conference, Cummard laughs and says, "I think I'll probably just start telling people."

So which way is he leaning right now? "I'd rather not say," Cummard replies. "It won't be too long now before [everyone knows]."

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