ASU's Road Colors: Khaki and Green?

When teams such as Nebraska, Kansas State, Oregon, and many others come to Tempe with their teams, you can see their fans out on the town in their colors at least a day or two in advance. They go to the opposing school's home town to represent their school, not to blend in with the crowd. Many times, they seem like the majority of people at any given time at any given place.

Note: This is an editorial discussing habits of Sun Devil fans when traveling to watch and road game. It does not necessarily reflect the views of or its staff.

Unfortunately, many Sun Devil fans do not represent this way when on the road. On the trips to Iowa and UNC this year, it was sometimes hard to identify Sun Devil fans other than on the day of the game. Of course, there are those who will sport the maroon and gold, but many choose to just blend in with the home team's fans until game day.

A good example was this weekend in Chapel Hill. Before Saturday, most Sun Devils were walking around town in their blue, green, khaki, red, or any other color but maroon and/or gold. The only way I knew they were Devils was when they would throw up the pitchfork with their hands or say, "Go Devils!" once they saw my maroon and gold attire. In fact, I had discussions with some of them for a few minutes before realizing they were Sun Devils!

I just don't get it. Why do you travel to away games and not represent your school the entire time? I can understand not wearing ASU gear when we travel to LA and you are out at the bars in Manhattan Beach, but UNC and Iowa City are college towns that only really have college bars. Is your image so important that you have to go out in khakis and a button down shirt? What's wrong with wearing Sun Devil gear out to the bars on Thursday and/or Friday night? Are you worried about getting in arguments with opposing fans or are you just too worried about how you look?

Of course, after the win on Saturday, every Devil fan was decked out head to toe in their ASU gear. We owned a few of the Chapel Hill bars. However, I wonder if the maroon and gold crowd would have been a sea of blue, green, and khaki if Walter's pass as the clock expired fell incomplete.

I am probably in the minority, but I would love to see the Sun Devil nation invade an opponent's home turf with a sea of maroon and gold. Unfortunately, there are often enough Sun Devils in town to make that happen, but nobody knows they are from ASU!

Obviously, wearing maroon and gold when on the road is a small issue and really has no bearing on the game. However, it does reflect the larger problems that ASU fans create – poor attendance and a questionable game day atmosphere. If even fans that are willing to spend the money to fly across the country to watch a game are not willing to represent, then who is?

I doubt our fans will change. Many of them won't wear gold to the games because they don't like its appearance, so why would they change their ways on the road.

Unfortunately, this is just another example of ASU's fickle fan base. When the team is winning, the stadium is full. Otherwise, it is easier to stay home and watch TV. When the team wins on the road, ASU gear is acceptable attire. If the Devils lose, where did I put that stupid green shirt? The author can be reached at

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